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Patrol Masters' Ineptness

Are patrol masters totally inept morons? I spoke to a representative last night about getting my garage inspected so we could be considered for a parking permit. We picked a date, and the representative agreed to safe list my car for 10 days until the garage inspection. While leaving work this evening, i noticed they had ...

Patrol One
Patrol One should be shut down

Patrol One - I think everyone from the owner who is named Bill V. Down to the patrol drivers are corrupt and are getting paid on the side from the tow companies "kick back" for towing any and all cars. Duane Turner is very rude and seems to have a hand in this matter of getting kick back monies from the tow ...

Failure to stop billing

This is old stuff, but I was cleaning out some old paperwork from my desk, and decided to Google Monitronics and Fraud, and sure enough it sounds like they are still up to their old tricks. So here's my story for all you other frustrated Monitronics customers out there. In December of 1999 I signed a contract with Monitronics ...