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Lewis Victor
Scam scum dirtbag

Do not work for this creep hes a liar his whole gig is a fake and when you call him oyt on hit he calls your phone and he says disgusting sexual horribble things maybe his wife should know what a pig shes married too him and Craig Mawson should be put in jail how could the State Of Florida allow this garbage to continue to do ... jeff herman
Rolex braclet lost

I sent my watch in good faith. it came back with a band that was not the one on the watch when i sent it in it came back with a jubilee . it had a oyster. Jeff then send a oyster bracelet.. ( it was used and had a name engraved on the closure and a pin bent . . i will not wear a rolex with someones name engraved for the ...

Jared and Bruce Gelerter
Scam artist/ thief/ evil

Jared and Bruce Gelerter and and any of their other scam companies-lemurs technologies etc. are just that, complete scams. They took over 11000 for a pemf unit and offered nothing. They quickly cleared their Wells Fargo account and quit answering emails or phone calls. I got through to Hared recently and he ...