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Complaint-review: Hanz Cua - Con-artist and Fake

Hanz Cua
Con-artist and Fake

Hanz Cua of Metro Manila, Supposed FENG SHUI mAster is nothing more than a charlatan and a fake. His courses are worthless and his title of Feng Shui master is questionable. He is not acknowledged by the feng shui comunity and is a pathetic excuse of a tarot reader.. He over charges his clientelle, and makes himself look like ...


WWW.PREDATORSWATCH.COM is a FRAUD!! This website as no true predators or real information. Every person on the website is a victim of the TRUE PREDATOR.... WWW.PREDATORSWATCH.COM! They only want money for removal. The website itself makes all of the phony posts and adds all of the fake comments!!! Real losers here. ...

Bc Marshall
Took my money for nine months and did nothing

I met abe at a Sba conference they declared they took 1000 companies go public. I spoke with abe briefly for five minutes then he Paseo me into this guy called nicholas who owns webguru and was assigned to help me raise $500, 000 but then I found out these funds will cost keb$250000 in gvg away free products plus $50000 in fees ...

Hooman toyota vip

I bought my 2015 Toyota 4runner From Hooman Long Beach few months later they sold the dealership. It was a big scam. I called other Hooman dealerships they said we are not going to honor your VIP Membership because it says Toyota on the VIP Card. But still it's owned by Hooman so they should take the VIP Membership but the ...