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My Ticket Tracker
My Ticket Tracker: A SCAM Company

I ordered tickets from this Company and it promised delivery, but the tickets were delivered to my SPAM folder - they admitted and acknowledged they have a problem with this - needless to say, I never received the tickets in time for the show. These people are a SCAM and completely wrong. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them. ...

Marlene Espinoza
Fraudulent scam

This year 2016 Inventhelp of Burbank lied and scammed me. I gave 3000$ and after that 190$ was deducted from my bank account for a total of 4500$ so far. They sent me a notice saying things were going fine and my invention was patentable and a few months after they said they sent it out to several manufacturers. I was under the ...

Kim Harmon

K Bar K Foxtrotters misrepresent their horses. Paid A LOT of money for a "broke", "trail experienced", "smooth" MFT gelding - was the WORST horse we have ever been around. Terrible ground manners, dangerous (bucking) under saddle.........sold based on looks, and not competency. Claimed to love this horse and own him since he ...