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Asher Webb aka Yobi Corp, aka Asher Mansur
Scam Artist

On just a "I wonder where he is now" I found this info about Mr. Webb, So I'll give some more info here.

In 2014 he was located in the Worcester County Jail in West Boylston, Massachusetts. That's where I met him. He was housed in the "Protective custody unit" A 100 man open dorm after being in several other blocks. He had been transferred there from Middlesex County Jail in Middleton, Massachusetts after his scam failed and his life was in danger. I can attest that in Worcester, he ran many scams, one of which I fell into. It required an unwitting accomplice.

He starts out befriending many men. Most are gay, but not all. He goes to the extent of "showing off" (masturbating) in the showers to try to get guys to talk to him. I personally witnessed him doing sexual things with some of the men late at night when almost all the lights are out. One guy that was in the closet happened to be a really big guy and he was the "bodyguard-turned-assaulter" in the scam. Day after day he (Asher) would gamble and have sex. When he needed to pay for those things, he would "go to the store". In jail, it's against the rules for inmates to lend or sell anything to anyone, but it's a pretty common practice. I was a store. He'd borrow and not pay. Then when you try to get paid, he either puts you on the phone with "his mother" or "his mother's assistant" at the alleged Consulate of the Netherlands in New York City where you will get a check from his mother's personal account...OR He just transfers to a different block. He got me for about $1000 USD saying the bodyguard was gonna turn on him because he screwed the bodyguard's friend gambling. Which was of course also a scam where he told the bodyguard that Ash would tell everyone that bodyguard was getting sex with Ash. Then Ash would come to me and borrow more to pay more debts and the bodyguard would back him up. Sometimes the bodyguard would just come and get it. To tangle Mr. Webb's web more, the mother or her assistant would get on the phone regularly telling you the check was delayed/returned/caught in the bureaucratic crap at the jail, etc. So I am out a small amount comparatively. If it is really his mother, she's a dirtbag too for being his accomplice.

At one point a check arrived supposedly from his mother for $300, 000 (yes three hundred thousand) for restitution to an airline that he scammed "miles" from. Booking trips, waiting for the miles to go into the account, then changing the trip and before the miles on the change would go through, he'd cancel it. Free miles. DO that a lot, get a lot of miles, go anywhere you want: FREE

Not a lot of info around about what he looks like so I'll include it here: He is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, and a very scrawny 120 pounds. I could describe all of him but this isn't a gay chat board, which he trolls regularly. For a "dutch guy" he's a dark brown skin tone, with short black (regular afro-curl) hair and med.brown eyes.

He usually speaks with an accent. On the phone he seems to speak Dutch to his accomplices. I don't speak Dutch, but it sounds passable.

He scams and scams, one of these days hopefully someone will see this BEFORE getting tangled in Webb's web, or find it while he's IN jail and do the right thing; make sure they get paid.

Lastly, the bleeding, out the mouth, pores, etc. Also a scam! He'll claim it's an allergy, bleeding ulcers, and a host of other ailments all of which are bogus. In jail, commonly uses kool-aid type stuff to fake the blood allegedly puking it up. THAT didn't fool me, but it got him transferred to the infirmary and away from the 14 guys that had had enough of his excuses. Word had gotten around to all 1600 inmates by this point and the jail transferred him yet again to a jail unknown.(consensus was Dartmouth Jail)

My next research shall be...His mother. If she is actually his mother at all. I shall update if any more info comes in.

Offender: Asher Webb aka Yobi Corp, aka Asher Mansur

Country: USA

Category: Scam, Fake


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