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Poor Quality

I'm sure Netflix is experiencing problems handling the growing demands on their capacity driven by recent publicity about their new policy of allowing unlimited instant viewing for all but their lowest subscription level users. It just a bummer that we have to pay for a poor quality service. It basically makes the (Watch ...

Fios tv

What am paying for with the verizon fios tv service, all that is offer old reruns and cartoon, and spanish programs if i want to look at a another channel like star or encore i need to pay, their are no packages to choose from. When i did call the service told me they call me back to explain to me what i had purchase the only ...

Aquarius Lounge
Erroneous Accusations

I was accused of 'molesting' someone by one of your employees for simply wanting to ask the clerk at your desk about any new special events you had because I was interested in learning more about your establishment. I used cellphone texts because what I said couldn't be heard over the loud music. I tried speaking to the man who ...

Carmike Cinema
Bad Service

This restaurant gave us very bad service, bad attitude, and bad cold food. No menu, told us to look on wall for prices. We have reasons to believe it was based on race because any other patrons that entered that were of a different race received respect and honorable service. ...

Dish Network

On 12/27/2010 I requested a downgrade on the billing at our summer place as we would not be there after Xmas. Spoke to a young man named "Norman" who gave me his number (915-298-5498). He said that he had put through My requests to lower our programming to "basic" which would be $19.99 per mo. And to debit our checking for ...