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Dish Network

Dish Network is nothing but to suck money out of consumers in the name of prviding entertainment, Their prices keep going up arbitrarily and if you call them, they are not willing to listen but keep on repeting their point. I started by monthly plan with 19.99/month and within 6 months, they went up to $44.99— no increase in ...


I have been renting from Redbox on ocassion for over 3 months, maybe 4 DVD's total in that time. One DVD was so scratched it would not play. They did refund my nights rental. Things happen. Now I am seeing on my credit card that they charge me for nights after I returned the movie, and after the date on my Redbox account says ...

Xperience Days
Rude Customer Service

If all goes well... Good for you! Enjoy your excursion. If not check out my complaint and the others on here regarding customer service. I purchased a gift cert for my husband and he misplaced it. I could not find on the terms for a misplaced certificate although I was confident if I could provide all of the initial information ...

Fushigi ball

I got the Fushigi about a week ago and it is a fake!!! All the tricks your supposed to be able to do on it I could do them on a tennis ball. There are other tricks that require you to buy about three fushigi balls. If one fushigi ball wont work then how would three?!?!?! ...

Disney Movie Club

I honestly believe this Disney Movie Club is a scam. They sent a bill to my parents house for 2 movies for $28.95. The address was halfway correct as well as the name billed. My parents don't even own a TV, let alone watch cartoons. I called the number on the bill, and they asked me to tell them the credit card number to see if ...


I called this number to talk to a lady about her panties. However, the lady I was speaking with, "Chelsea, " kept trying to steer the conversation to Swedish massages even though the phone number is 1-800-PANTIES. Finally, she went along with what I needed to discuss and all went well, but I ended up spending 7 minutes on that ...