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James E. Lowther
Talented producer - none

James E. Lowther keep up the great work with Encore International Film Group. I did observe your screenplay treatments, film studio contract, movie business plan, film budget, studio memos, letters of interest from A list talent for both movie projects, HOTEL CALIFORNIA, DIARIES, SECRETS, AND SCANDALS and NOSTRADAMUS 2012 AD. ...

D J Mai

Dj mai thats what she calls her self, she thinks shes a dj not... Try some thing else. Just. Letting the public know that she does not pay her bills. I did her pluming, cleared her backed up sewage. She gave me the run around for one year, still has not paid her bill. She spends all her money on bot ax her face is starting to ...

Dish Network

Dish Network is nothing but to suck money out of consumers in the name of prviding entertainment, Their prices keep going up arbitrarily and if you call them, they are not willing to listen but keep on repeting their point. I started by monthly plan with 19.99/month and within 6 months, they went up to $44.99— no increase in ...


I have been renting from Redbox on ocassion for over 3 months, maybe 4 DVD's total in that time. One DVD was so scratched it would not play. They did refund my nights rental. Things happen. Now I am seeing on my credit card that they charge me for nights after I returned the movie, and after the date on my Redbox account says ...

Xperience Days
Rude Customer Service

If all goes well... Good for you! Enjoy your excursion. If not check out my complaint and the others on here regarding customer service. I purchased a gift cert for my husband and he misplaced it. I could not find on the terms for a misplaced certificate although I was confident if I could provide all of the initial information ...