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Is not what it said

Bought into there Super TV. Paid $29.99 on the 5th and ask for money back on 6th of Aug. After download, I could not get rid of their web page off my internet explorer. Called support and was told it would cost me $199.00 to fix. Said my computer was messed up, that I had deleted something of had a problem before my download. ...

Direct TV
Website movie database

Direct TV Online movie database has the worst navigation. EVER. Good luck finding a movie if you want a kid or family movie. Poor break down of section and category. Unless you know EXACTLY the movie you are looking for - you are doomed to search the entire database. It is a really a weak spot for direct tv and would serve ...

Grayhound bus
Us drive

On 7-22-11 my wife and I boarded the 7:15 bus from ceasers casino in atlantic city, which was scheduled to take passengers to brooklyn, the bus driver told us that he was not going to brooklyn. We got to brooklyn at 12;00. The bus # 86017. The problem is this has happened to us 3 times and it has always been the same bus ...


Well it's been 2 days now that I cannot go into farmville, does not load, what's going on, I've spent lots of money buying animals and trees and I cannot ge to them. Tell me how long it takes for a company your size to fix this problem, please let me know it is not an isolated issue, this is the hundreth time at least. ...

Price increase

What did thes guys do over there get in bed with the oil companies??? I have been a loyal Netflix customer since the early days and over the years through word of mouth alone, have probably sent at least 50 customers their way. I have always gone by the philosophy "Dance With The One That Brought You" and will not be hijacked ...

Barry Herman Entertainment
Wedding Band

I strongly recommend that if you are considering using Barry Herman Entertainment that you think long and hard before writing a non-refundable deposit check. Reasons: 1. Barry Herman spent a considerably long time with my husband and me during our consultation visit, but once the non-refundable deposit check was written – he ...