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Direct TV

I ordered direct tv expecting to get hd and dvr. Didnt get it. But workin the way i do they were already at my house so why not get something to watch. Second of all they advertise that if a current costomer refers you, they will get $100 dollrs in credit on their bill. That didnt happen either. Third, after 3 monthsof service ...

2011 MLB World Series
No Instant Replay

Why doesn’t major league baseball use instant replay? The blown call during game 3 of the 2011 world series tonight was pathetic! Texas clearly has tagged the runner out by a mile and yet the umpire called him safe at first base. The rangers argued the call but to no avail. Still, here we are in 2011, and the MBL still doesn’t ...

XM Radio
Stay away

I have been trying for 6 weeks now to get 2 channel lineup guides mailed to me. With 3 phone calls, and I still haven't received anything. I have 2 radios that play xm, and if I go online to get a channel lineup it prints out 5 pages which is very dangerous to try and read while driving. All 3 phone call I made to Xm radio they ...

Activision/Modern Warfare 2

I'm getting fucking sick and tired or faggot ass boosters and modders and the hackers who play Modern Warfare 2. I't getting to the point where i dont even want to play anymore. Is there a way to report these people? I hear theres a way to get there ip banned so they cant play period. But i have yet to find this. Its one thing ...