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Complaint / Review
Sean Keating of Breakwater Yachts
Ripped me off royally

My friend and I fished twice with Mag Bay outfitters and got to know the owner, Bob Hoyt, who is a good guy.
My friend learned of some great deals on Delta boats that were being sold off when a resort closed on Vancouver Island. He told Bob about it who, in turn, told Sean Keating of Breakwater Yachts.
Mr. Keating contacted me several times by phone and email requesting assistance with regards to one of the boats which was to be taken to Mag Bay, Mexico. He clearly indicated that there would be pay for any services provided.
This guy wound up buying 4 or 5 of these boats which were being sold at great prices. He resold them to US customers and he, Bob Hoyt and a gentleman named Toby Larocque entered into a partnership to purchase one of the boats and take it down to Mag Bay where it would be put into service charter fishing. Mr. Keating was to be responsible for paying any expenses incurred to get this job done.
I facilitated hiring a licensed skipper to take the boat down. Bob Hoyt and his Mexican mechanic got to San Francisco and were unable to get onto a flight to Canada as the Mexican citizen did not have the required visa to enter Canada. They contacted me and I told them to fly to Seattle and we would figure it out from there.
Sean Keating called me and was totally frustrated as he now had 2 people stranded in Seattle. He was considering flying up to take charge of the boat delivery and he asked me to provide assistance to the group. I told him I would do what I could and he assured me that I would be compensated. I advised Bob Hoyt to rent a car and travel to Port Angeles from where he could get a ferry to Victoria and then at least be in Canada and on Vancouver Island. The Mexican stayed behind in a motel in Port Angeles.
Mr. Hoyt arrived in Victoria and discovered that he couldn't rent a truck (which was needed to pick up some very large fuel tanks that we had located for them) and drop the vehicle off in Ucluelet which is a very remote village. He continued on the bus to Nanaimo where he learned that there would be a $500 drop off fee to leave the vehicle in Ucluelet. He called me for assistance and I had him get back on the bus and continue to Courtenay where I live. I picked him up at the bus depot and he stayed at my residence that night.
The following day we set off with my truck for the 2 1/2 hour drive (one way), stopping to pick up the fuel tanks. We arrived in Ucluelet and discovered that the boat wouldn't run because the batteries were finished. We ran around for 2 days, using my vehicle, picking up large 8D batteries, carrying them down to the boat and then returning the old ones. This was very physically demanding. I got the skipper lined up and they agreed on what her pay would be. The boat did not have sufficient electronics to get it to Mexico so I agreed to sell them my tablet that had all the charts and a Survivor case for $420 Cdn. They departed for Mexico. I was assured Mr. Keating would be sending me a Western Union money transfer. Nothing came. Mr. Keating would no longer answer my phone calls. The skipper was stiffed by Keating but Toby Larocque made good on her pay out of his own pocket.
After a month I sent an email to Keating and Hoyt advising that I had not been paid. Hoyt responded that he had understood that Sean (Keating) had taken care of me. All I asked for was payment for my tablet, $100 for fuel I used in my vehicle and a very paltry $200/day Cdn (about $160 USD) for my services and the use of my truck. Bob Hoyt stated very clearly that this was more than reasonable.
Toby Larocque called me and filled me in that they had been duped by Sean Keating and he inquired as to the price the boat was sold to them for. I told him $53000 Canadian. Turns out he had received a bill of sale from Keating indicating the owner (Oak Bay Marine Group) had sold them the vessel for $53000 and was led by Mr. Keating to believe that it was US not Canadian funds. At today’s rates that is a 30% difference (roughly $13000 USD) that Keating ripped his "partners" off for. Needless to say he is no longer in the partnership. Hoyt & Larocque were left with a bunch of unpaid bills by this shyster. I am out about $860 USD.
Really Sean? After all we did to put you onto these boats in the first place, all the money you made off of them and all the work I did you are going to stiff me for a lousy $860. Have a nice life.

Offender: Sean Keating of Breakwater Yachts

Country: USA   State: California   City: Oceanside   ZIP: 92054
Address: 1351 N Harbor Dr, Oceanside
Phone: 7604394650

Category: Recreation & Entertainment


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