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Sean O'Neal
Sean O'Neal of O'Neal Strategy Group Charged with Fraud Rolling Hills Estates California

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Sean O’Neal, of O’Neal Strategy Group, has been charged with fraud of a client, a 66 year old retired woman, from whom he took her entire life savings ($375, 000 USD) and on 3 separate occasions had her deposit the money into his 5 year old son Dylan O’Neal’s US bank account (with a small amount handed to him in cash as well).

Over the course of a year, in three separate transactions, Sean O’Neal defrauds the victim with 3 fictitious sales and investments. (copies of payments below)

1. A cashier’s check for $140, 000 USD, made out to his 5 year old son Dylan O’Neal O’Neal, is given to Sean supposedly for an investment that he promised would return her 12% annually.

2. Victim wires $145, 000 USD to Sean O’Neal’s 5 year old son Dylan O’Neal’s US Bank account supposedly to buy a 1 bedroom condo. [continued below]....
Report Attachments:

..... The offer to purchase was never presented to the owners of the condo, they never sold the condo to the victim, were never aware such a “sale” was made by Sean and never received any funds from this supposed sale.

3. A check for $76, 000 USD, again made out to his 5 year old son Dylan O’Neal is given to Sean along with $14, 000 USD cash. The victim had decided that she did not like the 1 bedroom condo so Sean O’Neal fictitiously sells her another condo owned by same condo owners (the condo owners were friends of his and he had keys to the condo as well as knew when they would be out of town). This money was supposedly for the difference in price between the 2 condos. Again the sale was never discussed with the condo owners, they never sold the condo to the victim and never received any funds for said sale.

Five months after the victim supposedly had bought the 2nd condo, the property manager of her “new condo” writes her to say “I’m really surprised with your email, the condo is not listed because the real owners of the condo showed up, and explain that the transaction didn’t happened.” The victim begins to investigate after she is unable to get any answers from Sean and slowly discovers the depth of the fraud that he had committed.

Sean leaves the country in a “midnight move”, moving his wife and 3 children in the middle of the night leaving their 4 staff members at their house wondering what happened and suddenly without jobs or severance pay.

Over a year later, Sean has his wife, Ana O’Neal, send fraudulent and back-dated documents to the victim to try to cover his tracks.

A criminal law suit has been filed by the victim against Sean O’Neal for fraud and arrest warrants are in process.

It has since come out that charges have also been filed against Sean O’Neal in Mexico for rape and statutory rape by a Mexican girl that he had gotten pregnant when she was 17 years old in 2013.

Sean O’Neal is currently residing in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA doing business as O’Neal Strategy Group with an office in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.

Sean O’Neal has defrauded his own father-in-law, Hector Aguilar, of $190, 000 USD. Hector sent the payments to Sean’s personal bank accounts supposedly for some real estate investments, but in actuality the investments were never registered with any company and the money was never transferred to any company bank account.

Years later, as Hector sees that Sean O’Neal has defrauded other people, even one retired woman for $375, 000, he realizes his “investment” might be in jeopardy and confronts Sean. Sean is now trying to blame this on the company he was working for, but has yet to produce a single piece of paperwork to the lawyers showing contract and transfer of money into a company account. Producing such paperwork would surely add another piece of evidence of fraud to Sean’s growing list of crimes, which is apparently why it has not been produced despite multiple requests by the lawyers.

Hector’s last meeting with the lawyers ended with him stating “I wish my daughter [Ana Aguilar O’Neal] had never married Sean”.

Complaint-review: Sean O'Neal - Sean O'Neal of O'Neal Strategy Group Charged with Fraud Rolling Hills Estates California. Photo #1  Complaint-review: Sean O'Neal - Sean O'Neal of O'Neal Strategy Group Charged with Fraud Rolling Hills Estates California. Photo #2  Complaint-review: Sean O'Neal - Sean O'Neal of O'Neal Strategy Group Charged with Fraud Rolling Hills Estates California. Photo #3 
Contact information:
Author: Investment Properties Mexico

Offender: Sean O'Neal

Country: USA

Category: Real Estate

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Richard is a Clown February 9, 2016 5:47 PM
Why does Richard Houghton dance around the subject and not just respond as to WHY he was charged with the Largest Land Fraud in the History of Cancun. Richard Houghton is a thief and coward.
Investment Properties Mexico is bad news. Just Google Investment Properties Mexico Scam or Fraud to see what we mean. Richard Houghton is part owner of IPM and was chased out of the US for Securities Fraud in La Jolla. He then got busted again in Daytona Beach, Florida once again fleecing investors out of their retirement.
He then took off to Mexico and set up a boiler room there promising clients 300 to 400% returns. Just go to their website and see yourself.
His then partner, Mr. O'Neal discovered massive fraud and blew the whistle. Now, Investment Properties Mexico and Richard Houghton, plus his baby mama girlfriend Allison Zaner, daughter of David J Zaner dds of Ocala Beach, Florida have been charged in the Largest Land Fraud Case in the History of Cancun and the Riviera Maya..OH MY!!!!  (article enclosed)
This charge culminated a 2 year investigation!
Richard Houghton attempted to pin his crimes on his ex-partner even to the desperation point of saying he had anything to do with Houghton taking money from a woman named Susan Sidwell. Her money went to buy land in Richard Houghton's name and Mr. O'Neal said perfect, Open the books! Of course Richard Houghton would not allow that. 
Mr. O'Neal was NEVER on any bank account and got the heck out of there when he discovered the massive fraud committed (again) by Richard Houghton.
Richard Houghton will be deported after incarceration but unfortunately Mexico continues to run slowly and Richard Houghton is preying on that fact.
For those of you that have been or are being approached to buy their "investor only" land be careful. It is outright fraud. They need these sales of land to fund their illegal operation. They will ask you to send the money to the states for "your" protection. What??? The land is in Mexico. It is a ploy to wash the money and avoid paying taxes. Duhhhh
Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico, it is a travesty that you chose a life of deception and are now paying for it. SMD.

Richard Houghton... We are confused as to why, after being charged with the largest land fraud case in the history of Cancun and the Riviera Maya... Not to mention the money laundering charges levied against you and your crooked lawyer Guzman that you continue with your ridiculous accusations? We understand your desperation and it is funny to us.
No one on this planet would dare use your crooked company Investment Properties Mexico. You owe 18 million dollars to the US Government for your past fraud conviction in the US. All one has to do is Google Richard Houghton scam or fraud and they will see for themselves. Anyway, a word of advice Cowardly Conman, instead of trying to throw heat off of yourself, please address the charges that are levied against you. It is embarrassing for you little man.
Everything is right here for the world to see and they can make up their own mind as to who is the liar and con artist. Remember, Mr. O'Neal is in the United States and you continue to hide in Mexico where you THINK you are safe. However, the Hacienda (Mexico's IRS) have been notified of you and Guzman laundering money that was meant for Mexico and they are angry and are coming for you...You are on borrowed time little man. We victims feel truly sorry for those that have invested and are doomed to lose their life savings with you. Too bad you chose a life of deception. Everything is right here...

Any proof of this ridiculous nonsense?
Look Richard Houghton, you have been charged with the LARGEST LAND FRAUD IN THE HISTORY OF CANCUN AND THE RIVIERA MAYA!   I suppose he had something to do with this?
 You are a pathetic liar and coward... Pay back the investors you crooked bastard!
 His then partner, Mr. O'Neal discovered massive fraud and blew the whistle.

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