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Department of Children and Family Services
Amanda White (social worker) They wrongly accused me of neglecting my child because I suffer from depression

On January 25th, 2012, Child Protection Services came to my home because they had been called by law enforcement the day before. I had being going through a rough time and was posting depressing comments on Facebook. When the police showed up, I told them that I suffered from depression since I was a little kid. They decided that it was best if they took me into the hospital even though I begged with them not to. I explained that I would be ok, I only needed sleep and just some time to meditate.

After we argued I ended up banging my head onto the concrete wall because it was my way of showing that I didn't agree with their suggestion. I was then handcuffed and placed into the car. I spent the next few hours at the hospital until I saw a mental health doctor. She decided that I did not need to be here and that I was suffering from Post Partum Depression. I took a taxi cab back to my house and slept. On the 25th, my Cps social worker, Amanda White called me and asked how I was doing. I told her horrible. Im depressed. I want to just die. She asked if she could stop by tomorrow in the morning and check up on me. I agreed.

On january 26th, Amanda and a following social worker came over around 10:30-11:00 A.M. I explained to them that if I had a few hours of sleep at night, I wouldn't be feeling this way. They suggested some family members. My parents live in Spokane, my grandparents work all day & night and my brother works only during the night. They kept nagging me to ask my brother for help and I had to repeat Myself numerous times that my brother was out of the picture. They then asked if I would go to a family meeting at 2:00 p. M that same day.

I agreed. At the meeting, things got real intense. Cuss words were said. People cried and that's when they unlawfully made me sign a Voluntary Placement Agreement for 7 days or until I could find a relative to take my daughter. Since then, I've had only 3 visits with my daughter and now they are accusing me of shaking my beautiful daughter when she hasn't been in my custody for weeks now. They now want to take my daughter out of my custody permanently.

Since when was depression a sign of abuse or neglect? I live my life how I always did yet I took care and loved my child as if I had no mental issues.


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