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D&D Energy Solutions David Hjorth
D&D Energy Solutions David Hjorth is a Criminal and a THIEF!

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D&D Energy Solutions David Hjorth is a Criminal and a THIEF!

David is a pathological liar and a god-damn thief, he will find any excuse not to pay you, or pay you real late with ridicules stall tactics, and if he does pay you it will be a fraction of what the real amount is, he F*ed me out of aprox $4,000.00 usd. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM.

Yes it is true I left him some rough messages and called him a M* F* 190 times after he avoids me & does not answer calls for 2-3 days straight, ignores 30 text and 30 emails, I call him on Skype and he immediately logs off.

He lied about the amount of sales made though a Call center that I broker for, the energy deregulation business IS A SMALL FIELD, and everyone knows everyone, My reputation triple platinum & I Challenge anyone to google C. M. Puleo consulting LLC or Run a FBI check on me personally, you wont find nothing, because there is nothing!!!

Yes, I do expect David Hjorth may post a rebuttal and I frankly do not give a F*! And you'd do yourself a favor by discarding his brand of logic, he can spin it how ever he likes, REMEMBER HE IS A LIAR, I gave him a chance to earn some money and he f*ed me! And he will F* you too, if you avoid this warning, you'll Find out for your self what kind of mental patient you're dealing with. Every single person I introduced him too all said the same thing, I don't like this guy, don't bring him around me ever again, I should have listened to that advice my self, but did not! Because I wanted to give David a Chance and it cost me a few $ to find out.

Run away when you hear the name David Hjorth D&D Energy Solutions out of Texas. (He lives in Richland Hills), he's bad news! And will cause you a lot of heart ache! And stress you don't need. Oh, did I mention he is the dumbest business man alive. You do not want to find out! His brand of Business logic leaves you wondering if he forgot to take his medication. This is his FaceBook link.
Http://www.facebook.com/david. Hjorth. 9 and his site http://www.danddenergysolutions.com/

So I let a few weeks go by and about 6-14-2012 I called Discount Energy CEO direct Peter something, I forget his last name, this is who David was selling for "using my Call centers", The CEO would not answer nor return any of my calls, his gate keeper Receptionist has a bit of an attitude, and will just brush you off quickly, so, one day I lost my mind, coz it not the $ I'm being F*ed on, its more about the point with us sicilians!

And I said to his gate keeper if you do not put me on the phone with Peter, in 30 min we will replace all his clients that where sold through my resource. With that I think in 2 seconds I had Peter on the phone, I made My case & it was verified that David Hjorth screwed me out of a few thousand dollars, I was able to squeeze another 1900.00 out of him with the promise that I wold never call Discount energy ever again, but in reality he paid me in 2 installments, 1K one week and he owed me a balance of 935.00 but he lied to me again and said that 4 more sales had fallen off the books, this is pure BS, sales do not fall off the books 120 days later, THE POINT IS DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS JERK! AND SAVE YOUR SELF THE AGONY, ALLOW MY bad experience to benefit you by just staying away, and if you want to point him to this editorial, please be my guest, I said all I need to say.

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Offender: D&D Energy Solutions David Hjorth

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Internet
Address: Richmond Hills Texas
Phone: 8174549878
Site: danddenergysolutions.com

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Mule Pole August 12, 2018 11:14 AM
This disgusting fake review of David Hjorth was written by Mel Puleo
Mel is such a coward that he will not even dare write his own name as the author. But we know that based on the bad grammar, the spelling mistakes, the abusive language and the stalking and harassment.

Would you want to do business with a low class person like Mel Puleo ?

Mel Puleo called David Hjorth "the dumbest business man alive". And Mel also says that David "f*ed me! And he will F* you too".

Well, if the dumbest man alive f**** you Mel Puleo, then how smart are you? You got f*****d by the "dumbest man alive"? LOL!!!
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