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Goodwill Store
Very Bad Public Relations from New Manage

Recently my favorite Goodwill store obtained a new manager who lacks greatly in people skills. I have discussed this with several customers that have also noticed her rudeness and unwillingness to admit she is capable of error. A short time ago I had a price discrepancy over an item. I checked my receipt before I re-entered the store to question how much the item was. The new manager that had checked me out informed me that she didn't ever make mistakes, twice.

A few days later my mother-in-law came home and mentioned to me that her bill for the items she had purchased at the same store seemed a bit high. I told her she better check it because a few days before I had the same thing happened to me. I ask her who checked her out, she said it was the new manager. Not only did she charge too much but my mother-in-law said that this lady didn't even say thank-you, although she realized she had been over charged she said it wasn't worth the gas to go back to the store to have the error corrected.

I shop this store often, several times a week, I also donated often. I will not donate to this store any longer. All my donations will be given to other local church mission stores or the Salvation Army from now on. It's one thing to take our donations and our money when we shop, but it's not acceptable to be rude to me or others while we are doing so.

The whole store is in a uproar, I talked with three employees and everyone of them said she was very hard to work with, rude, accusatory and it has been said that she is doing some questionable things against Goodwill's store regulations. An employee that works there witnessed this manager yelling at a co-worker in front of customers. Though these statements are hearsay from me, it is not hearsay from those who witnessed this unacceptable behavior. They have the same opportunity as I do to voice their concerns here on Rip Off.

I did email a complaint to middle Tennessee Goodwill against her, the district manager did respond with a phone call but his tone wasn't pleasant, he stated that he would talk to her about the rudeness. I've been told by a reliable source there have been four reports and numerous phone calls to this store about this new manager, all to no avail.

She is a poor example for Goodwill, and has no concept of the meaning of the word goodwill and if she does she certainly doesn't show it to her employees or to the rest of us who shop and donate there. This type of leadership is to the shame of this organization for allowing such treatment to its customers and these employees who appreciate their jobs even though they are paid low wages.
This store has always been a pleasant experience until recently. Its not that we wish her ill, at least I dont, we want to be treated fairly with common kindness. If nothing is done to change her treatment of this stores employees there will be a constant turnover to try to fill the positions of those to whom she has treated ill and unjustly and a drop in donations and sales. So far I have been treated with courtesy at the other Goodwill store located on Paul Huff Parkway in Cleveland.

I appreciate the good things that Goodwill does for those in need with the money generated from sales of the donations received. I don't know of anyone personally that has benefited from Goodwill's help but I trusting that some are helped in our area.

If you also have had a problem with this store please respond to this post. Thank you.

Offender: Goodwill Store

Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Cleveland
Address: 220 Grove Avenue SW
Phone: 4234797634

Category: Miscellaneous


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