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Dyro Productions
D.C. I misleading, lying, no pay

I responded to an ad on craigslist thinking it was like a receptionists type of job. Called and was immediately scheduled for an interview. Went and basically they told me i would be working with alot of paperwork and that they were going to keep me busy. I asked if it involved going door to door and they told me no, they (daniel blalock) asked if i would like to recieve bonuses and of course i told him yes. Then he asked me to tell him about myself which i did. Then he gave me a number to call at a certain time to see if they had any available positions for me. I called and of course they told me yes. So they tell us we will have training and that as soon as we finished training we would be paid 400.00

So theres like 20 people in orientation and it turned out we would be selling kirby vaccums. They start giving us all these numbers of how much we would be making and telling us that we were going to get paid 2200.00 a month just for doing demos een if we didnt sell anything. They tell us we dont have to worry about knocking on doors that they have canvassors that will be making the appointments... So then when it comes time to sign the contract there rushing us into signing it not really explaining what were signing or giving us a copy of what we signed. So the next day they put me with a teamleader who doesnt have a valid drivers license and has a warrant out for his arrest, we almost went to jail for soliciting and of course we had to go knocking on peoples door lying to them telling them were giving away free carpet cleaning. Anyways so i start reading the payroll paper we have and i realize it says theres certian requirements to recieve the money they promised us. So in other words i put 66 hours into that company did 3 demos and if they feel that i didnt call 4 times throughout the demo that means they dont have to pay us nothing!!! And to top that off when i went back to get a copy of what they had me sign they told me i had to wait outside in my truck and they would take the paperwork to me. And when they did all they gave me was a blank contract! And said the one i signed was there property!!! So now i spent money on gas on work clothes and i owe the babysitter money!!! These people lie and lie to get people to work for them and then make excuses to not pay them. If you go through the same thing i did dont let them get away with it! Report them to www.wagehour. Dol. Gov or www.twc. State. Tx.Us did i mention we were not allowed to eat or use the restroom?!!! These people need to be shut down for lying and wasting peoples time.

Offender: Dyro Productions

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: HOUSTON
Address: 16920 PARKROW
Phone: 2819454373

Category: Miscellaneous


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