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HFC Beneficial, HSBC, Household Finance
Aka hfc aka crooked, frauds, ripoffs, frauds and crooks and deceitful

These people are crazy! I started off with HFC mortgage around 2004 and re-fin in 2006. Very huge mistake! I didn't started having problems with the payments until middle of 2008. I notice that even though my payment went down, they were misapplying payments, placing them in unapplied funds, and just not trying to have our mortgage go down. Well I fell behind in late 2008 and it was because of circumstances beyond my control. Everything including the cost of living increased while my salary did not. I went on a hardship (supposely) for six months and paid the money on time every month. The collections account manager told me that the past due amounts will be placed on the back of the loan term. I agreed and by the way, this was the second hardship, because the first one I applied for they denied stating that they did not receive the fax with the approriate documentation.

Then in the summer of 2009, I re-applied for hardship because I was barely having enough money to live off of without having to borrow money. So I reapplied and was approved, now by this time I had a past due (DEFERRED Amount) of $2300.00. Now I had switch banks and still paid my payment through my bank. How about them Idiots kept sending my checks back, stating that they were Third-PARTY Checks!!! The bank uses online bill pay an stated that they were third-party but how was I to know that HSBC did not take the payments. They sent back Sept, oct, and november payments and by december, I had enough and email the president, my state senator, and whoever else would listen. Everyone said go to HUD and they would help. Not. THE story I got was that HSBC DOES NOT PARTICIPATE WITH HUD and HUD does not have to make them. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I paid them A@# holes 5000 dollars to catch up the payments that the Idiots sent back to make up for what was owed. THEY of course by this time had tried to foreclose on my home.

IN THE MEANTIME, the IDIOTS thought they were going to get the home anyway so they paid my real estate taxes (2600 dollars) for six months. OF COURSE ON THE BILL IT IS A CASH the mist of this B.S., I've talked to three account managers and over 10 Jan my payment was 1300 and the account manager said to pay that. Then I am getting calls and wondering why they are calling because I actually paid over that 1385 dollars. Well the Idiots said that 'oh no' for some reason the payment was 'CREDIT' on the account and we misapplied the payment. WTF! How do you misapply a regular payment! Now for february, I paid 1306 like the D@# statement said and they talking about 'Oh no' we place that in unapplied funds because you actually owe $1723.33 (cause I owe them 2600 in cash advance) and they placed an extra 200 dollars on top of my mortgage. First of all, I don't think that is LEGAL and second who the F told them to pay my real estate taxes since I was not behind on them! So tonight in talking to JOI (hope u see this), I have to now pay 1723.33 until the beginning of next year. EVEN THOUGH the statement is only stating to pay 1306 dollars! Give me a d@# break! Yeah I have looked through the comments and issues about these frauds and I am ready for a class action lawsuit. MONDAY I am writing my attorney general and the FTC, sick of the Bullsh#. OMG over it.

Offender: HFC Beneficial, HSBC, Household Finance

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Carol Stream
Phone: 8009582540

Category: Miscellaneous


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