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ILD Teleservices, The Clearinghouse Agent For US Credit Find Inc
Stealing by attaching themselves to your local phone company's bill.internet

ILD Teleservices... The clearinghouse agent for US Credit Find Inc. I believe it's all the same company and these dirt bags won't stop. I use Verizon for my phone and internet connection. I have absolutely no use for any other company since I have every service Verizon has to offer. ILD Teleservices/US Credit Find Inc. Manages somehow to attach a bill to Verizon's every month. I've never used these dirt bags there fore never paid these scum and I never will. I don't owe a single penny, but yet there they are... Every month the charges re-appear.

I've even talked to Verizon about this issue and twice requested them not to allow any other company to bill me via Verizon. Yet... Here they are. At this point I'm not sure who's more retarded... ILD Teleservices/US Credit Find Inc. For not getting the hint, especially after I've blasted them with a nasty e-mail about their obvious scam, or Verizon for not being able to follow very basic 1st grade level instructions. Hey verizon... DON'T LET ANY OTHER COMPANY BILL ME USING VERIZON!!! This request is on a 6 year old's level..."Hey Jimmy, don't open the door for anyone!"

Man... You'd think there would be someone relatively intelligent working there who can follow a simple request!!


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