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H&R Block
You pay more tax and they charge you for it

When my former spouse and I went to H&R dilldocks, we found we "owed" a large tax bill when we did not. They calculated penalty and interest for us! That's up to the taxpayer and the IRS! We had claimed a few exemptions. Then the H&dumbbell "expert", "senior preparer", "tax pro" - whatever she called herself - said "drop 'em". That's what she said. "Drop 'em." All the things you can legally do to save on your taxes; all the deductions and credits; all the ways you can save on your income taxes and you can find more ways every year. That's what she said: "drop 'em" {!!! }. No questions; no time consuming, exhaustive, digging earnestly and more and more diligently for deductions; no asking about receipts and diaries of expenses; not being helpful in telling the client to save their receipts and keep a diary of their expenses; no list to prepare to save on taxes in future years, no advice, no giving of their time to their clients: worse than worthless!

In a subsequent year, the moron told us that we were employers and had to withhold social security from our babysitter. The limit for reporting income then was $400 or $500 per quarter. We didn't have to file Schedule H! So we didn't have to withhold Federal taxes! H&Ripoff lying thieves are to make restitution for the double charges plus interest and penalty! We only paid around $50 to the babysitter for the entire year, if that much. Yet H&R nosey nit wits told us that we were employers and had to withhold tax from this poor lady! We were NOT employers!!! We did not have to fill out a W-2 nor did we have to fill out a 1099, for that matter. They did not tell us to get a second opinion!!! Those idiots did not know the income tax laws that they profess to know! Their mission was to pry in to our lives. The Federal government does enough of that without a so-called preparer doing it with the motivation of wrongfully raising your income tax liability, hence wrongfully raising your income tax liability with the state. They can recommend a donation to reduce the debt of the Federal government. They are not to be extortioners on behalf of Congress. No choice was given by these clowns. They NEVER said to get a second opinion; in truth, they screamed against it! I told them that we were not employers, The so-called preparer began to scream "it doesn't make any difference". You feel that way; tell us to get a second opinion. The "preparer" who screamed at me intended to charge me for an amended return and knew my return did not need to be amended. She had done poorly enough, Now she wanted to amend it, make it worse and I was charged double!

While thinking about that, all preparers have had a client pack up their papers and leave. Now block has instituted a $30 fee if you want your W-2's back! Block claims it is for their time. No, it's part of business. If I think another doctor can take care of me better, I leave and owe nothing. If I think my mechanic's estimate is too high, I leave and pay nothing. Block does not know how to do business courteously and professionally.

Further, the brain dead and thief told us that their company {H&R ripoff} would graciously amend our income tax return. We didn't need the return amended! They didn't even know the tax law for child care providers! Then they charged us the equivalent fee without any advance warning! They said they would do it. They did not have to; they lied. Then they made it appear as if they would do it without a fee, since there was only one entry to "change". They lied to us! We did not need to file a Schedule H!!! Whether we babysat or not was none of their business! They had no business even asking that question!!! We did not have to report it that year. They added interest and penalty on taxes that we were not liable for!!! They certainly are not interested in you, the client paying the least possible legal tax!

The fact that they are still in business shows how illiterate taxpayers are about their taxes. I think about how illiterate I was at that time. That's what started my business. I got tired of overpaying frightfully on my taxes. I went into competition with H & dishonest and exposed them. If they had been right, they would have mentioned the state unemployment tax administration that employers are required to pay in to!!! They did not mention the state nor FUTA!!! H&R ripoff has have no business calling themselves "income tax preparers"!!

It is important to know and to remember that the so-called preparers who prepared our taxes - if one is bold enough to label it that! - were not trainees. They had been doing taxes for at least ten years; more realistically 30 or more. They were incompetent and were retained by H&ripoff. I've discussed this with enrolled agents and they will say it depends upon which one you go to. There are very few enrolled agents with H&R block. I believe there is a reason for that.

A "gold guarantee" is a fraud! When you go to the doctor, you don't pay a "gold guarantee" to get the best care. When you go to an enrolled agent, you don't pay extra for a totally unnecessary "gold guarantee". The taxes are done right, period, end of discussion. These types of "tax pros" are the mafia: pay for protection. And the mob will kill you any way if they feel like it. You still have to pay the extra tax if the IRS finds that you have additionally income tax liability. Block pays the interest and penalty? How do you know? Where are the receipts? I want to see them.

It is also important to understand fully that block is the same today as yesterday. There are too many reports of poor, poor service by heinous & ripoff. It is just deplorable. When I practiced, I had clients who used to go to block. There is no reason to believe that block has cleaned up their act.indeed, with reports of taxes not even being prepared after paying {!!! }, mafia, usury RALS, the fraud and stealing of the "emerald cards" as documented by many customers, block has waxed worse and worse.

You should learn how to do your taxes yourself. You have to have a good idea. For example, I tested the online programs this past season and found one that did the Schedule E incorrectly. It you do not want to take the time, or your situation is too complex, you should get on the website, type in your zip, and go to an enrolled agent. Some CPA's are enrolled agents, but from years of doing taxes and looking at the matter, I'd say one-third or less of CPA's are EA's. Some CPA's are not the "Big Five"; some are really good. Honesty is paramount. There have been few scandals among EA's. I'm not advertising; I giving you an honest assessment. Begin checking it out for yourself. If you're honest, years down the road you are likely to come to the same conclusion as I've come to. "Sr auditor", "tax pro", "CPA' doesn't mean a thing. "EA" designates one who can truly do your taxes right and he will stand behind his work.

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Offender: H&R Block

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