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Complaint / Review
O.H. Services, Lottery, Resources Manangement & Payment Verification, Lead Financial, Inc
Another check to wire transfer scam

This is the third check I've received in the past month and I figured it was about time I posted about one of these schemes.

The check is for 4,850.00 and it's the most realistic thing in the envelope. That's because they want you to cash it, transfer the money to them, then be stuck owing the money back to your bank when the thing doesn't clear. I heard about it on the local news when the same thing was happening with false secret shopper companies. (that's what my other two multi-thousand dollar checks were for)

Anyway the check is real, but don't cash it, folks. You'll regret it. The letter is a colour copy of a copy of a copy, by the looks of it. No official letterhead for this outfit.

The envelope is plain, postmarked from Canada with a simple peel and stick Avery-style address label, left formatted, and obviously churned out en masse off of some mailing list.

The exact letter is as follows:

O.H. Services
(some blurry lotto images I am unfamiliar with)
Lottery, Resources Management, & Payment Verification
CANADA: 8403 Hill Ave. Victoria, BC V9X 3H2
USA: 16 Base Road, Oriskany, NY 13424

Winning notification and claim procedure

We have been retained to inform you of the official release of the NORTH AMERICAN CONSOLIDATED MEGA DRAWS 2008 held on March 25th.

We are delighted to inform you that a ticket with the serial numbers... Attached to your name drew the lucky winning numbers...

You are therefore entitled to the sum of $150,000.00 Dollars representing your total winning prize. This is from total prize money of $3,750, 000.00 US dollars that was shared among 25 declared winners. Please; note that all participants were selected through a random computer ballot system drawn from over 1,500, 000 names including inputs from participating retail outlets and stores.

Your claim number is... And in accordance with our disbursement policy, your prize money has been forwarded to us with instructions to release same to you either by certified check or money order subject to the terms and conditions applicable to your prize.

Please keep your claim number to yourself for it is your proof of your winning.

To expedite processing, enclosed is a check of $4,850.00 dollars which has been deducted from your winning.

You will be using this first check to pay for The Certificate of clearance and insurance, prior to delivery of your Lump sum Check.

These payments are to be made through Moneygram International Wire Transfer

Please do not attempt to use this check until you call and speak with your Claims officer ALAN TYLER on 1-778-316-2457 who will guide you through its application and use.

Please note this winning must be claimed within 14 days.

Congratulations from all of us at LEAD FINANCIAL INC.

Yours Truly

H.I. Grundy


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