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Logisticare Phoenix Az
Eric L. (Missouri Department) SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIRE HIM! Un-ethical!

Omg! If I didn't NEED this job I wouldn't be here! Is EVERYONE in on it? Today 01/17 Eric L. Supervisor of Logisticares Missouri Dept walks back on the Floor coming from HIS Bosses Office (LAUGHING) saying that black girl i fired made a complaint and My Boss just showed me, I ain't worried They ain't gon do s#! *" I heard about how if they don't think your FIT to work on Eric L's team you won't last very long? I've heard about what he did to a Temp last week everyone's talking about! & Apparently! The poor girl who's sick child was in the hospital whom which called out, left messages, sent emails, AND EVEN SPOKE WITH ERIC ON THE DAY SHE WAS IN HOSPITAL! He told her "That's fine" then he fires her!?? Sadly! He did NOT follow the proper protocol the girl only had 2 or 3 call outs which when we are first hired they say you have 4! Occurrences before let go, well she was ONLY on a VERBAL warning! NO WRITTEN, NO FINAL!? Something is Not Right!

I've seen SOOO MANY PEOPLE come into Logisticare Who are Late! NO CALLS AND NO SHOWS & JUST because ERIC L. Likes you and feels you will "Keep hush" YOU ARE SAFE! Anyways the poor girl with the sick child has been complaining before & letting her situation be known, & I feel they shouldn't have fired her she was a week Shy of turning Permadent with the company SO many people come in this place not wanting or having intentions to work & it seems they get to ride the gravy train, Eric fired that girl, she came into work to find her desk cleared with NO WARNING! Or explanation I think They All in on it and THE OWNER needs to INVESTIGATE because NO ONE knew what was going on & the lead on the floor Had to walk her out because she ain't even know what to do and probably Is scared to loose her job like we all are if we disagree with what Eric Says or does, so I ask what company REALLY is this? It's UN-Ethical how things are being handled VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

No other Department in here acts like that But (Missouri Logisticare is Suppose to stand for a Compassionate, & Caring Company but the Treating People like This? It Just Ain't right! And if anyone else comes forward Fired or Still Hired! I will too! Many times too many I hear Cursing on the Floor Eric L. Should NOT be a supervisor they ONLY make the team get some act right when The People who are siging over contracts with Logisticare Are coming to see how everything is being run BUT I tell u it's ALL a front! And to come back on the floor sharing CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION!!!?? To his team and LAUGHING, & JOKING like its All a game to him to mess with people's lives IS NOT RIGHT! Many walks of life come thought these doors who are BEGGING to work hard & Grow with a company JUST needs a foot in the door & He thinks it's a game but hey he gets" his check at the end of the day" as he explained so I guess nothing will change until they BIG PEOPLE really see what's going on. How do you EXPECT a Company built! For THE PEOLPE last? When their NOT of the people? Well I can't speak for THE COMPANY LOGISTICARE in its self because they probably have NO CLUE how this guy is handling things, But I can and WILL speak up about ERIC L. Because I too am a witness. Something needs to be done. I still work here & it's almost like WHO DO U TELL? Because he makes it seem like ALL the top people are On his side. I Pray for The Employees with Situations such as that Girl who was fired last week Just because she didn't Come to work to Play. Like many sadly she was NOT the first hopefully more people speak up & they get rid of him because he is NOT GOD.


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