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LIFE long island DA ought to step in and close this type of practices in Long Island

One of the many mistakes that many people don't do is research a company that they are going to work for. With this economy people are desperate for jobs and especially if you are just off school or if this is your first time interviewing.

I submitted my resume on a Monday night and by the next morning I had received a phone call for an interview. They send you a confirmation Email for the appointment, which seems professional. As you are desperate for a job you agree to whichever schedule they have. The interview took place and the office was kind of empty for a business manager office. If you have worked in an office you can tell that is not the usual office but more of a house office but made to the public. The interviewer tells you that they still doing interviews and if qualified they will call me between 4-5pm. I got the call. Then right after an email:

"Please be at our office on time, with a copy of your resume. Just a few courtesy reminders to make your experience with us better. Please dress business professional. This will be a full day interview in which our team will have the chance to get to know you and evaluate your people skills along with your work ethic and turn you'll get a glance into what a basic day with our company is at the entry level and also learn our corporate structure."

Has this company ever thought of: what happens if there is an accident while staying out with the interviewer? Is the company liable for your well being. The answer is: NO

This company uses a tactic of 1st interview between the hours of 10am - 4pm. Which might seen normal to anyone. The only reason behind it is because if you are hired you ought to be there between 8-8:30am for a 30mins morning full day rundown schedule. Start hitting the pavement no later than 10am so when people interviewing they don't get to interact with them.By time all interviews are done everyone 2nd interviews and training individuals are due back between 5-6PM

Once you are done on the second interview 99.9% you are hired. Yet they don't talk to you about salary, benefits, vacations, sick days and what not. The usual and normal office benefits. Reasons:

They have you for about a week in training mine took 4 days in which they say there is no pay. Gas, lunch is on you. Then they send you out of the field with the so called "trainer" and depending on the mood of the trainer that s/he allows you to do a other words allows you to write the order from the client which is Verizon Fios that they are running at the time of this order to pass the training stage into so called "account executive"

As a trainee you never received an userid/password to their Coffee on the Go software which connects to verizon ordering system. Therefore, how are you supposed to get paid? If it based on commissions. If you are able to transfer a Cablevision customer over to Fios which usually requires 2 landlines. You are supposed to get $250 in sales commission. So in order for you to become an account executive you need to make $500 for the trainer. This trainer can have as much as 6 weeks working for him/her.

Here is their Organization Structure: LIFE long island

I no longer work for this company I left at the beginning of the month. Total made $0. Total lost $500 from gas/food/time.

I have done inside sales and outdoor sales in my career and I never seen this type of practice but is like a legit way of hiring US citizens to work for them for free. Here are some clues that will give it away. A sales person that goes out on the field and has no business card? Contact is a hotmail, gmail, ect. HR is the same person as reception/HR director/and what not. Is she who she is? They questioned you why you can not start working the very next day of hired? Wait a second what is the rush i'm not in a rush, you are? Long ash hours from 8 - 6 or 7.

Also they are hiring 365 days a year. Wth! Not even McDonald is hiring every day, so you start to wonder what happens to the one hired 3 months ago? Gone. Reason they have you worked for them for about 4-6 weeks and you give up and they benefits all the sales. They make you dress pro. So business clients don't think you are not legit pro. And in the other way makes the trainees and account executive feel that is a legit pro. Business.

Their website photos looks professionals photo but in reality they are not from this company at all. The company background is RED. Go to their site and you will see that is not a natural picture but a pro photoshop pix. Did I even mentioned that they caused my termination of unemployment benefits?

Mr./Mrs. DA where are you?


Country: USA   State: New York   City: Mineola
Address: 47 Mineola Blvd
Phone: 5165067170

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