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Complaint / Review
Rocco Joel
Joel Rosenstein, Joel Rosenstein-Rocco, Joel Rocco 19-years later and still a Cheater, Con Artist, Dead Beat, Thief and Master Manipulato

Responding to Report: #946364. I thought I was re-reading "my" experience with Rocco Joel, aka Joel Rosenstein-Rocco, aka Joel Rocco.

First of all, this man is still married. He has not legally changed his name to my knowledge. Court records are public access. Use them to your advantage! This man is a compulsive liar. He tends to repeat his manipulative behaviors on others and is getting better all the time. He has an excuse for everything he does or doesn't do. He will lie, cheat, and steal for his benefit only. This man will cry on command in order for you to feel sorry for him. If that doesn't work, then there's always his "ulcer attack!"

My Experience with Joel Rosenstein:

19-years ago (1993), I went out on what was supposed to be "one date" with Joel Rosenstein. He never left (til later)! He wasn't employed. Joel claimed to be the Manager of a Rap group, named Empty Pockets. After time went by, I noticed this was not true. I knew some of the members of this group. I told Joel to get a job or get out.

I also became pregnant during this time (1993). He left me in April 1994 while I was 6-months pregnant for his "future" wife. When he left, he told me I had too many bills. He took my tools, my bed frame and several other items. I had to file a police report.

From April to May 1994, this man constantly harassed, stalked and threatened me! He told me he had people watching me in the neighborhood and would "take me out" if I didn't watch it. He told me multiple times that he was going to use my diaries to take my baby away from me. This went on til mid May when my dad died. Joel stopped his terrible behavior. I was so stressed and depressed that I lost ten pounds in my 7th month.

Thinking things would be different, I called him when I had our son. Joel told me he couldn't come to see the baby because he "didn't have a ride." That was the last I heard of him until our son was almost 2-years old.

In 1996, I got an unexpected visitor! Joel told me (almost crying) that his grandfather in NY just died and he was watching shows on "deadbeat dads." He felt like a d*k and wanted to see our son. I allowed the visit. Joel told me his future wife "allowed" him to see our son. Joel told me he wanted to continue seeing our son and made plans to take him to the park the following day. Joel never showed. I called his work. Joel told me he was busy and hung up. I found out years later, from Joel's family member, that he and his girlfriend had broken up but got back together. When he came to visit, he had a tattoo on his shoulder area that said "Y's guy."

Joel also did not have a vehicle. I made the mistake of letting him borrow my car (white Chevy Lumina). He took advantage of that. He would leave me at home at night, pregnant, and no vehicle should something go wrong. He went on dates with other women in it. Joel started staying out later and later. One time he came home crying at 4am. His excuse was that he felt responsible for his hockey teammates injury and had been at the hospital.

Joel once gave me an "engagement ring." I found out years later that he stole the ring from his family member. This wasn't the only thing he stole. Joel had me drive him to his family member's flower shop in 1993. He stole the cash drawer as I later found out. My sister and his friend were with us. I told him what he did was wrong and should take the money back or repay it. He told me several weeks later that he made amends with his parents and paid them back. He told me that I shouldn't say anything about it to them because it was a sore subject.

This man has no conscience! Joel "deeded" his part of his property to someone else after he was served Child Support papers. The case was opened 5/3/2002. He deeded his assets to the other person on 6/28/2002. My Support Order became effective on 10/10/2002. I assume this was to ensure that I could not put a lien on the property, which happened to be a $2.5 million condo.

One of the lowest things this man has done was declining and blocking our son from his Facebook account earlier this year! My son wants to know his father. Imagine how my son must feel being turned down like that? Additionally, Joel tends to forget that he has two sons, not just one! But hey, exploiting women and friends are his priority, right? I mean, he is high maintenance, or so he thinks.

Nothing about him has changed after all this time. It must be really, really sad to be him!

Offender: Rocco Joel

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Diego
Phone: 8583339152

Category: Miscellaneous


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