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Complaint / Review
Elise M. Mitchell, Attorney
Unprofessional, Rude, Loud, Traitor, Unqualified, Thief, Broke Perpatrato

Elise Mitchell is one of the most unprofessional people that I have had the displeasure of knowing. This woman is so insecure, that she feels the need to talk over and attempt to intimidate everyone. My God I can't imagine working for her because she speaks to he staff as though she's above them.

This so-called attorney nothing more than a lot of mouth and absoloutly no integrity. I tried to get along with her because she had my $5,000.00 retainer, but I just couldn't do it. She lies and covers her lies with "I didn't tell you that". When you try to tell her that it is your money and life, she replies "you're not listening". This behavior is obviously to cover the facade she has as knowing what she is actually doing. Helen Keller could do a better job of representing me than she did.

When I could take no more of her lies, horrible demeanor, and betrayal, I fired her. But not without warning. She excels in one area, however, she is the best at Brown Nosing. No dignity, whatsoever. When I told her that I couldn't trust her (and I had every reason not to), instead of replying like a lady, she replied like a "Spoiled Brat". She tried to turn the tables of course, because she is neither professional enough, or woman enough to accept the fact that people don't like her persona. A real professional, would get it. You are an employee being paid for services rendered. This is not your life to decide, nor your money to spend.

After I fired her, she retaliated, just like the unprofessional, inmature person she is. She refused to give me my files, or the remainder of my retainer. I feel pity this woman because she is so pathetic. This woman is a predator. Preying on those who could loose everything. It doesn't matter if you have children. She needs your money to pay her bills and front like she's a "Baller". I wouldn't mind if she actually wrked for her fee, but she would "sell her soul for money". And getting into bed with opposing side, is not too low for her to go, as long as she does'nt get caught. If you catch her, BEWARE, she has no integrity and will hold your files and money hostage.

I accidentally came upon this website, and I couldn't believe what I read about what this woman. I could have written the posts I read. That let me know that my perception of her was correct. Every word these people said about her is EXACTLY on point.

I have no doubt that someday she will find herself in the exact position she enjoys placing others in. Karma. And anyone who rebutts these posts, are being either paid, she's doing it herslf, or they are under the mistaken impression that she actually cares about ANYONE AT ALL.

Offender: Elise M. Mitchell, Attorney

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Jose
Address: 152 N. Third Street, Suite 609
Phone: 4082978080

Category: Miscellaneous


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