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Complaint / Review
Wal-Mart Pharmacy
Incompetent Moron At Garden City Ks Walmart Pharmacy! - prescription

I couldn't be more P. O at the Wal-Mart pharmacist is Garden City, Ks! First off a little back story. My fiancee went to the dentist on a Monday and had a bunch of work done and the dentist prescribed her some Lortab pain pills and we had them filled that day. Well that following Thursday night she had ran out of her pain pills and was still in a lot of pain so the next day a Friday she went to the dentist again and come to find out she had got a Dry socket over the week where she had a tooth pulled so the dentist treated the area and wrote her another script for more pain pills. Here is where the problem started! We walked into the Garden City Wal-Mart pharmacy and gave the pharmacist the script and he told us 20 mins and it will be ready so we come back 20 mins later and he tells us there is no way he will fill it because she had a script filled on Monday that week for the same thing. So I tell him that she had just left the dentist and she was in a lot of pain and really needed them and that the dentist already knew she had some earlier that week and just wrote her another one and that he needed to fill them and he told me no I will not fill these and that it was the law. And I knew that was not true and told him to call the dentist and she could tell him to fill them and he said he would not do that and it didn't matter what the dentist said any way. So I tell him just to give me back the script so I can go else where to have it filled. He replied with I'll give it back to you but I will call the other pharmacy's to make sure you don't get them filled! I then got the script back and took it to another pharmacy and to my surprise he really did call the other pharmacy's and the pharmacist at this other pharmacy told me that the only way that this would get filled was if the dentist called them in to have them filled. So we went back to her dentist and told her what was going on and it really made her mad when she found out and then she did call them in for her and we got them no problem from another pharmacy. The Problem here is that it was not the walmart pharmacist job to make it his business how many she was getting it was the Dentists job and when a doctor prescribes meds to a patient the pharmacist damn well better fill it! And not only that He was completely Rude and Unprofessional about the whole thing! Oh and is it not against the law to be broadcasting to everyone that was in line and behind the counter about the patients meds? I thought the New patients confidentiality laws where set forth to prevent things like this from happening. I believe Darin the pharmacist at the Garden City Wal-Mart should be fired for this or at least demoted.

Offender: Wal-Mart Pharmacy

Country: USA

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


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