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Computer Re-Store - Computer Renaissance Michael Crynes
Computer Re-Store - Computer Renaissance - Michael Crynes Employees incompetent and hostile. All refund request but be presented by a lawyer Please Beware!

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I purchased a PC from Computer Re-Store in December 2007. I was assured by the owner that my satisfaction would be guaranteed. After about 1 week, my new PC would no longer boot and only displayed a blinking cursor. I brought is back to Computer Re-Store. The tech blamed the machine error on a new, branded memory card reader, but could not explain why I had not problems using it on any other computer. He also couldn't explain why it caused the drive to fail to the point where the machine would no longer function at all. So I was told to throw away my card reader, and that would solve the problem.

After more than 1 week later, I was told they had no idea what was wrong and they would rebuild me a new PC, which would take another week. So, 2 weeks later, I received another PC identical to the original.

I took it home and began having problems again after another 2 weeks. This time, the secondary drive failed, rather than both. So the machine booted okay, but the secondary drive would randomly fail. I returned the machine yet again to Computer Re-Store for servicing, and waited a few days. The tech called me back to tell me nothing is wrong with the machine. However, I knew that the disk errors had been logged in the Windows Event Log, and so I asked the tech to explain that. She said she never looked at the log, but simply ran test software. After the head tech reviewed the log, he agreed the errors were drive-related, and tells me that he will run another set of overnight tests. The next day, I did not hear back from the tech, so I called at 6pm. The head tech informed me that nothing was wrong and the machine may have "burped." That was his exact wording. I was also told that my virus scanner had found some email viruses and quarantined them, and that may have caused the error. I asked him to explain how that is possible (considering I had not been able to use the machine seriously), and he told me that he did not know. As a build engineer, I am qualified enough to know that this excuse is frequently used to fob off customers with difficult problems. It is highly unlikely that a virus could cause physical disk errors that get logged by the Windows kernel.

Despite my better judgment, I took the machine home again. Sure enough, after another 2 weeks, my secondary drive failed yet again and more errors were logged. Because of my work obligations, I waited 1 week before returning the machine. I was told that the only person who can work on the machine is on vacation, and that I would have to wait a few more days until he is back in town. A few days go by, and I have still not heard anything. So I decided to call them myself, whereupon I was told that the techs were still testing it. The next day I called again, and was told by the tech again that nothing was wrong. He attempted to blame an external drive that I use with the machine, despite the fact that I have used this very same drive with other machines, and have never had a problem. At this point, the tech was very curt and rude with me, and said if I continued to come in with the machine he may have to charge me for my time. This is despite the fact that the machine is under warranty, has had repeated failures preventing me from working, and that I have spent a large amount of money in an effort to buy something reliable.

So when I went to pick up my machine, upon walking into the store, I heard the tech talking badly about me to the owner. His exact words were that I was "full of shit" and that there was "nothing wrong with the machine." They proceeded to ignore me for a few minutes, and then continue talking rudely about my problem. Once I made them aware of my presence, they looked very embarrassed, and I began to explain that I could not use the machine if the drive kept failing. The tech then proceeded to accuse me of "wasting his time, " and said that I didn't know what I was talking about. The tech and owner explained that I was "guilty until innocent" and I was told it must be my external drive at home. The owner asked me to come back tomorrow with my drive. However, given their unhelpful and abusive nature, and the fact that my external hard drive has lots of personal information on it, I felt extremely reluctant to let them look at it. Also, the fact that the drive works in my other machines without issue, and the fact that Windows is specific about which disk is failing, renders their proposed course of action to be absurd.

The next day I return with a colleague from my office, to help witness while I discussed the problem with Computer Re-Store. I am instantly met with hostility from one of the techs, who explained that the owner had left for the day, despite my having pre-arranged to meet him that evening. I explain that with the attitude I have been receiving, that I am not comfortable with them having access to my personal data. I am told they can do nothing for me, and the tech was very rude and dismissive. She continually attempted to make me leave by saying "goodbye, have a nice day." I found this highly irritating given that I had spent just under $2000 of my hard-earned money on a non-functional machine that I needed for my work, and now I had nothing. While I was trying explain to her that the owner said he would be there to talk to me, she became increasingly rude and hostile. I asked if she could contact the owner on his cellphone, and she told me that she didn't have his contact retrospect, this excuse is absolutely ridiculous why would the store not have contact details for their owner? Ultimately, I was told no one would help me, and that I should come back in the morning. I said I had work obligations, and they were behaving in an incompetent manner. She told me to "deal with it" and that she could not help me.

I returned the next morning to talk to the owner. When I entered, there were other customers in the store, so I patiently waited for someone to speak to me. The owner ignored me to deal with a customer who came into the store after me. Nevertheless, I continued to wait patiently. After about 10 minutes, he finally asked me what I wanted. I told him I was unhappy with the computer, and the way I had been treated. I explained that, at that stage, I simply wanted my money refunded. He said that "that wasn't possible" as I had "had the machine for 2 months." I explained to him that the only reason I had even had that machine that long was because of repeated returns and repairs. His response was a blunt "so?" He then informed me I would need to take him to court if I wanted any refund and to have my lawyer contact him.

After returning home, I checked with the BBB, only to find that other people had had this exact problem with this vendor in the past:

Claims of alleged incorrect diagnosis of a problem, delay in completion of repair, or inferior workmanship.

Claims alleging unsatisfactory customer service, including personnel's failure to provide assistance in a timely manner, failure to address or respond to customer dissatisfaction, unavailability for customer support, and/or inappropriate behavior or attitude exhibited by company staff.

The only reason I even used this company was to try to support a local mom-and-pop shop. Now I have 2000 Dollar paper weight. I will have to take him to court to try to get the refund I was promised when I purchased the machine. And since he is not accredited with the BBB all he has to do it not respond to their requests the get them removed by the BBB administration.

greenwood village, Colorado

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Offender: Computer Re-Store - Computer Renaissance Michael Crynes

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Littleton
Address: 8086 W Bowles Ave
Phone: 3039049441

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