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AT&T Business Service - AT&T Phone Service

We have a business phone (land line) for many years with AT&T. We / I received a call from AT&T about my renewal I was told a new feature which "would save me money". It was a device that would make my phone a "wireless" feature. ATT would mail it out and would be very easy to install. I did receive the "box" and called back as I was told to do. This was Wednesday 5/29 - simply plug into your outlet and phone and voila finished? Well that did not happen. I called back and waited and waited - could not get it to work - so told me to call TECH support - who transferred me to several different departments - WITH NO ONE KNOWING WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS! THE ONLY THING THEY KNEW WAS THAT MY LANDLINE WAS DISCONNECTED AND I/WE HAD NO SERVICE. The next morning 5/30 I called my original person (made sure I knew her name and number) and spoke to her supervisor - after waiting for 1 hour 30 minutes, she was more concerned about the new box then if MY COMPANY HAD PHONE SERVICE. I did advise at this point I did not want this "box" and reconnect my land line. SURPRISE - could not be done today, tomorrow but YES IT WOULD TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS! I advised her that was unacceptable she said she could not TALK to me when I was UPSET. She hung up on me. We have a business to run - no phone so I knew I would have to find another way - call TECH Support again! Well, I talked and talked and waited and waited - talked to "B" who transferred me to "L" who then transferred me to a "T". This is all of 9AM to 12 NOON. No service but Mr. "T" was a supervisor - and "he would handle this situation" "T" first told me it was MY fault that the "box' did not work - it was only for 'residential service" not business - I did advise him I spoke to the BUSINESS OFFICE AND GAVE HIM THE NUMBER BUT HE STILL INSISTED I WAS WRONG. I asked him to connect my old land line and be done with it - OH NO - I WAS BEING UGLY TO HIM AND IF I "DID NOT SETTLE DOWN" and ' AGREE WITH HIM" HE WOULD CUT MY CALL AND I WOULD HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I could not believe my ears - I WAS BEING THREATENED!!! MY OLD LAND LINE WOULD COST ME DOUBLE, YES I SAID DOUBLE THE AMOUNT SINCE IT WAS DISCONNECTED!!!??? I did advise him at the point that it was not my fault that this happened BUT AGAIN I WAS TOLD HE WOULD HANG UP ON ME AND I WOULD HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN.By this time I am almost in tears - MR 'T' WOULD NOT GIVE ME HIS LAST NAME NOR BADGE ID. I have never been so bullied
and would have cut him off but after all these hours on the phone - i was beyond stressed. I need my business phone. We have clients calling - missing calls was not an option but guess what i still have no phone service and i agreed to all the terms in protest. But mr t
advised me if i do not say yes to all the features - again he would cut me off. Who is giving mr. "t" this power - who is listening to this. I would love to get my hands on our conversation - someone needs to stop this man! Oh by the way - we still do not have phone service and it is 11:15 on friday 5/31. Wish me luck - ps. This is called bullying

Offender: AT&T

Country: USA

Category: Internet & Web


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