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Microsoft Corporation
Charged me for Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership, but will not provide the service

This is just something that blows my mind, and I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around Microsoft's twisted logic. I'm not sure if this is Microsoft ripping me off, or more of just a language barrier and lack of understanding by their Support reps who are based out of India somewhere.

I will start by saying I purchased a XBox 360 and a XBox 360 Gold membership in November. When you purchase the Gold membership you pay $49.99 for the 360 Live service for the year in advance. So, in November of I paid for service to be used from November thru November.

In November of Microsoft attempted to bill me for another year of Live 360 service that would run from November thru November but my credit card had expired so it was declined and the Live 360 service was suspended. That was fine with me, because I was no longer using the Live 360, so I felt no need to think or act any more on it.

Now, in May of I wanted to restart the Live service, since I purchased a game I would like to use with the Live service. Figuring I can update my account and pay $49.99 for service for the next year, I went though Microsoft's website, updated my billing information with a new card and was billed for $49.99. Yet, for some reason my account was still showing as a cancelled.

I contacted Microsoft asking why my account wasn't active even though I paid $49.99 today for a year's service, I was told by their customer support that the $49.99 that I paid them, was not for new service, but $49.99 that I OWED Microsoft since they couldn't renew my account back in November for service to run through November. And that if I wanted a Gold account, I would have to create a new XBox Live account and pay ANOTHER $49.99.

This makes no sense to me, how can I OWE them money for services they never provided me? You pay for the XBox Live service for the year in advance. After I let my card expire, my account was suspened. They shut it down the day my card was declined, which is fine. They tried to tell me that the account was past due, and that "I should have paid them back in November." Wait. Why should I have paid you? I didn't want the service, I wasn't using the service, you had stopped providing the service since their was a lack of payment, why should I have paid you any money? And how can I be past due when you pay for the service for the year in advance?

And lets say, IF (a big If) we were going to even use their twisted logic and say the account was past due, then why when I paid the $49.99 that they say I owed them for service between November thru November then do I not have service at least until November? Instead I have no service at all, and have had no service since November so again, why do I OWE them ANYTHING?

When I asked these questions to their customer support representative based somewhere out of this country, I just got a repeated answer saying "our terms of use states an account suspended for 85 days or more can't be reactivated and if you want a gold account you must create a new account and pay another $49.99" Well, if my account can't be reactivated why did you take my $49.99?

When I said all I wanted was my $49.99 back, I was told that would not happen because the account was not eligable for a refund. Talking to a supervisor got me all the same scripted responses as before.

When asking the supervisor "Can you at least tell me what I'm getting for the $49.99 I paid today? Can you tell me what physical service or goods I am getting for the money you say I owed you and paid today?" She responded "Um, No..." When I asked her "to explain the sense in that, why would I OWE money for services I never recieved or was not going to receive in the future? And why should I have to pay for these servicesthat I never got, and obviously now that it's paid I'm not going to get" She hung up on me.

A very frustrating ordeal. And it's ashame because I'd like to keep the Live service for another year, but I don't want to support a company that treats and steps all over people like this. Any suggestions?

Hobart, Indiana

Offender: Microsoft Corporation

Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Redmond
Address: One Microsoft Way
Phone: 8006427676

Category: Electronics and household app.


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