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Versatile marketing solutions scam artists

Versatile Marketing Solutions aka alliance home protection 60 jerferson park rd warwick RI 02888. Are one in same company. They came to my home to install a alarm system. They use a company called Monatronics monerting system which is a subcontractor for many alarm companies around the united states. VMS/alliance came and installed the system, while the tech was installing he was informed that we have 3 hyper active dogs and would the motion be a problem and we were told no. Lie number one. Well the system went of and i was called from monitronics to tell me that my alarm was going off and asked me for my password only to be told the password was incorrect? Well I recieved a $100.00 fine from my town police dept for a false alarm. I called monitronics to complain they told me that they recieve the passwords upon install from alliance who is vms. After calling alliance they sent a tech/installer back to my home and all he did was turn the motion sensor up side down and raise it up a little about 5 inches and said there wouldnt be anymore problems. LIE number two. After my alarm tripped again because of the same problem. Again another $100.00 fine for a false alarm because monitronics wouldn't except my password to shut the alarm off, I called the company back to be told that I could change the password, which they did, they also told me to have the install company do something different. I called alliance and they told me three different times that they would take care of it. That was LIE number three. I finally called the tech that installed it only only to find out that he worked for a entirely different co which i found out after some reasearch that company was owend by vms aswell. I told that company that I wasnt going to pay the bill unless they fixed the problem which after a month they finally sent some one and was told by that person the first guy was an idiot. This guy removed the motion sensors and installed glass impact sensors. After I refused to pay the bill that hole time I told them about the fines that I incured I still wasnt going to pay the bill untill I talked to a supervisor. That never happened. LIE number three. Then I finally recieved a call from a guy named Anthony which told me he was calling from customer service at alliance. LIE number four. When I told him about the problems that I had with the system and the fines he told me to send them the police reports and copies of the fines and a recipt that I paid the fines the company would repay me the money for the fines but only after I sent the the 143.00 dollars that was 100 days past due they would send me the $200.00 for the fines, I told him no way just keep the $200.00 and credit me $57.00 dollars. After that I recieved a call from monitronics about a past due account balance for the same amount. I told the very pleasent woman the samething I told Anthony, thats when she informed me that There is know one named Anthony that works in their in billing/collections department then she informed me that they never refund a customer anything over $100.00 and this person had no business telling me that but she was going to look into the mean time I recieved a call from Anthony again asking me why I still havnt paid the bill yet. I proceeded to tell him about my conversation with the girl from monitronics and she told me you dont work there and why did you tell me you were calling me from Dallas where monitronics billing department was, and thats when he told me sort of the truth that he works for alliance and works out of RI and he is in the collections department and needed for me to send the past due. I told him the samething that I told him the first time, send me either send me the 200 and I would pay the 143 after he did something to the bill for the down time. LIE number five was ok but send the 143 first again I told him no. Since then I have recieved over 50 phone calls from him, again I kept telling him no. Well I finally was sent the 200 for the fines and then I wrote the check for the 143 but I sent it to monitronics and not allianceThis morning 1/15/2013 my alarm went off again, another false alarm and was issued another 100.00 dollar fine. I called Monitronics after I couldnt shut it off from the pad at my front door so they told me the to try one of the other pads, it fially shut off the the girl tried to trouble shoot it and it came up sensor failure she then put me the supposed install company which I was put into a phone system that kept telling me some one would be with me in a few moments a few moments was a half hour before someone got on the line to be told she was very busy and could I give her my phone number and someone would get back to me in a few minutes this was at 11:30 am, I never recived a call back till 7:30pm this was after my wife told me he had called her and asked why she hasnt sent the payment yet and when she informed him she did he called her a lier and to pay our F... Kn bills when he called at 730 I flipped out on him only to have him tell me he never said that to my wife that was LIE 6 she recorded the call, then he proceeded to tell me that I didnt get a call back today because I didnt pay the 143 and know one would be out to fix it untill the 143 was paid. When I told him the payment was sent to monitronics in dallas. His responce was why did I do that as monitronics sold the account to them because the 143 wasnt paid. LIE number 7 Well monitronics still owns the account. VMS tried to get me to pay twice. Monitronics bills the customer and then pays vsm/alliance. So the long and short of it is I have a system that hasnt worked in 6 months VSM told me they would gladly remove it and I would have to pay out the balance of 6 months or 80% of the cost to cancel the contract I still have hole in my wall from when they moved motion sensors. My local police department informed me that 90% of the fines they have been giving out are to customers of VSM/ALLIANCE and alot of them keep complaining about VSM/ALLIANCE and have been trying to get their money back but all they get are no calls back and the same story payout the contract and we will remove the system. For all of you out there the problem isnt with monitronics all they are is a monitoring company for about a thousand alarm co around the country. So anyone out there from the new england area steer clear of VSM/ALLIANCE. Stay with ADT or another big national co.

Offender: Veratile marketing solutions

Country: USA   State: Rhode Island   City: Warwick
Address: 60 jefferson
Phone: 4015620842

Category: Electronics and household app.


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