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Infinity Events, Mason Advertising, Daxter Group, Anex Marketing, Quest Promotions, TriState Events
Pyramid Scheme All The Way To The East Coast

This is what I found when I started checking the net... Check this out from 2007.. |

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*Consumer Comment. Yes, Tri state events is the same type company. Kate Schwarz runs it. Empire Promotional Events is also out of that address.
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1 Madison Street
East Rutherford, New Jersey, 07073

Submitted: 1/6 10:51: 32 AM
Modified: 3/25 5:27: 49 PM
RANDOLPH, New Jersey

Wow, I didn't realize that so many people have been taken in by this pyramid scam. I was reading through some of what you guys were saying it was like looking into a mirror. My story is much like most of yours.

I was fresh out of college and looking for a job. I went in for an interview with Quest Promotions which oddly enough shared on office with Manhattan Trading. Anyway, I noticed that they had interviews set up for every half hour with two people ahead of me waiting and two people behind me filling out paperwork.

Seeing as how I had never really had to interview in the corporate environment, at the time I didn't find it strange at for a company to have all the applicants for the same position in one room. I also didn't find it strange that they must have interviewed at least 30 people that day. Most importantly, I didn't find it strange that 'owner' of the business that I interviewed with was younger than I was. I did find it wierd that their 'office' was in the back of a furniture store.

About a half hour after I walked out of their 'office' I got a call and was asked back for a second interview. I was told that the interview would be all day and that I would be going out into 'the field.' As it was explained to me during the interview, they did 'event marketing.' When I heard that, I figured we would be going to a sporting event, carnival, or something to that nature. Little did I know that me and my 'team leader' would be standing in the entrance to a Wal-Mart all day. They considered any time you went and stood in front of an establishment (with permission by the way) an 'event.'

And what did we do at these events? Well I figured that we would be talking with people about certain charities, maybe taking donations, things of that nature. When in fact, we were selling cheasy little toy products under the guise that a certain amount went to charity. This I will get into later.

At the end of the day we went back to the 'office' and I filled out a questionaire about my day. I was asked a bunch of questions about my personality and about the sales techniques that I was supposed to memorize throughout the day. I was made to believe that they were on the fence as to whether or not I was going to be hired and was asked additional questions, but in the end I was hired.

So I went out and learned their business for 3-4 weeks. Here's what I learned. None of the money went to charity, directly. The only thing that went remotely close was the t-shirts we were selling for a company that helps find lost children. Essentially we got them on concingement and had to pay them back for the cost of the shirts. It was not as though we sold the shirts and donated a portion of the proceeds to them. Also, we told the customers that a good portion of the profites went towards local children's programs. The part that we didn't tell them, was that the local children's program was us, because we did free fingerprinting (which I avoided like the plague because it was a waste of time and your hands got all inked up).

So, that was the main reason I left. I was just lying to people all day long. And I'm not some higher than holy type of person, but if you want me to lie you'd better make it worth my while. 5 of a $10 toy ($3.50) is not enough for me to look this mother of two in the eye and tell her I'm doing good for my community. You can make a couple hundred in a day, but you have got to bust your ass and the hours are a killer.

You are supposed to arrive at the 'office' at 8AM. At this point you go through what it called 'atmosphere.' During 'atmosphere' you are not allowed to sit or lean against the wall. This is a mind control technique where you make the body physically exhausted much like sleep deprivation. During this time you practice pitch and the 'owner' leads you through an inspirational speech on how to succeed in this business. The main point of the story is that if you work hard you will one day receive a promotion and a business of your own under the current 'office' you are under. Thus lies the pyramid.

This is another reason I left. The business model is all wrong. Eventually, if what they say is true and if you just work there hard enough you will get your own business, eventually there will not be enough businesses to stand in front of without it producing a complete market saturation. This means, for a business like this to succeed, only a small percentage of those who enter the business will actually receive their own.

So, if you are promised a job by Quest Promotions please, for your own sake, turn it down. I noticed that Tri-State Events is now under the same mailing address that Quest used to be and has the same pitch, so I assume that this is either the same business, a spring off Quest, or a replacement. Either, save your time and money.

RANDOLPH, New Jersey

Updates & Rebuttals:
Updates & RebuttalsYes, Tri state events is the same type company. Kate Schwarz runs it. Empire Promotional Events is also out of that address. Melissa [3/25 3:23: 31 PM]

Submitted: 3/25 3:23: 31 PM
Modified: 3/25 5:27: 49 PM Melissa
Monsey, New York

Yes, Tri state events is the same type company. Kate Schwarz runs it. Empire Promotional Events is also out of that address.
Same deal, atmosphere, chanting, long hours, not much pay, no time for family or friends. Kate Schwarz runs Tri-State Events. Empire Promotional Events Inc. Is also running out of that address. Eric Ellendorf is trying to make that happen.

By the way, why does the business report for Quest promotions at that address say they were a printing company and only had 2 employees? How is that legal?

Richland, Washington


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