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Complaint / Review
Metropolitan Education Enterprises inc
Lied, and Scammed the military

One day about a month after my husband, son and I had moved into base housing this man knocks on our door. He tells us that he works with the base school district, that his company supplies the text & work books.

He goes into a story about he is an ex-Marine and used to live just down the road. We figure he must be legit because we were told no solictitors could come onto housing.

So he explained that the schools were offering these books to better prepare kids for schhol. And they had different volumes depending on childs age. And that for buying it we woulg get a free shelf to store them on. All this for $84 a month. He explain that there was no monthly interest, only annual at 18 or 18.5%.

So my husband who is really into our sons future education bought the idea. I myself felt indifferent. So he signed the papers. Which we were not given any copies of or any contract. Sure enough a month later money was coming out of our account but we still had not recieved anything. Then close to 2 months later we get the books, but no shelf. We got into a pinch financially so I called to cancel. They said it had to be done within the 1st week and only after we reviewed the material.

I explained how we still hadn't recieved everything. He says thats our fault it probably got stolen off our doorstep, while we weresleeping. My husband is a marine he doesnt sleep in during the week, he is up at 5 am. So that wouldnt happen.

We paid on time for 13 months and no problems. Then my bank card, in whih the deducted payment from was canceled because it had gotten lost. It didnt cross my mind to call them, because I thought they deducted it from our checking account automatically.

I never noticed it hadnt been paid, and I balance our account every two weeks. Almost a month after it had been canceled this Mr. James calls my grandmother in another state telling her we are skipping out on our bill. She tells him to call me about it. He just leaves his number. I politly return his call. Immediatly he begins yelling.

Saying I am 2 months late (my last payment was recived feb 1st and it was now marh 11th. (not 2 months by any calculation) it was actually on 3 payments (or 1 full month, would be 1 1/2 after the 15th). He starts yelling how we closed our checking account and he better get his money. I explain what happened on my end. And that I never realized it hadn't been paid. I ask why they waited to call for so long, rather than immediatly like most businesses.

He tells me it wasn't his problem, but now he has to work more because I can't pay my bills. I explain to him that i just had my 2nd child less than a week earlier and I was Still in the hospital calling him from my cell so I do not have my checking info on me. He says "its not his fault I cant keep my legs closed". This angered me, I asked him not to speak to me this way, he says "tough pay your bills". He says I must authorize him to get his payment I say 1 months payment is fine, he says thats $168. One months payment is only $84 so i told him no. I said that I would not authorize via telephone for any amount more than what i know its late. He says he needs to eat too.

It has now been 2 months more and I still havent paid and do not intend too. We are trying to get involved with base legal. This Mr. James calls me about 4 times a day leaving rude, and loud yelling voicemails. He calls my grandmother pretending to be my husbands senior officer. EveryPhone call the late period one voicemail he started out saying I was 2 months behind, and by the end of the voicemail he was saying I was almost 4 months late. It hasnt even been 4 months total since my card was canceled. The most recent call he said I was 6 months late.

I checked over the statements and they all say late, even when i have bank statements showing it was paid. Also I was Paying $84 a month for 13 months before this, and they were all on time. The account balance went from $2,500 to $2,356. Those numbers do not add up, even with interest. Its about $800 more than what it should be.

If anyone has any ideas on this please let me know. If you have managed to work out something with these people let me know. Or if you know how I can resolve it.

Offender: Metropolitan Education Enterprises inc

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Chicago
Address: P.O Box 5096

Category: Education & Science


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