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Complaint / Review
Mervyn's, Sophia Saldana, GE Money Bank, C.T.I., N.C.O. Financial Systems Inc
Mervyn's, Sophia Saldana GE Money Bank, C.T.I., n.C.O. Financial Systems Inc. Double billing buffoons

Do not trust any promises from Mervyn's about opening a credit line with them. I have been double billed by them regardless of the fact that I have proof that this bill has been paid. Store managers will blow you off, credit dept. Managers will blow you off, they will send you to collection agencies and after you prove you have paid to one collection agency they will send another collection agency after you in a never ending cycle. I will include some of the letters I have written to Mervyn's and the collection agencies to show some of the extents I have gone through to resolve this matter to no avail.
To Mervyn's
When I went to pay for my purchases, the goth punker counter girl was more interested in talking to her friends about what they were going to do after she got off work than in doing her job. Subsequently she charged the total of my purchase to my bank card before asking if I would like to open a Mervyn's charge card, which I did. She did not back the charge off my bank card as she said she would, it was deducted out of my account (11/19/06) without the 15% discount and now I have been double billed for the same purchase!!! I have tried repeatedly to get this cleared up and continue to receive bills with late charges. I spoke with Jessica Daniel at the 1 800 number on 12-21-06 and Kathy on 1-26-07. The erroneous billings continue. I went in to the Irvine store on 3-8-07 and personally talk with Sophia Saldana. (Claimed to be store manager.) She was extremely condescending and insisted that she had to make copies of my bank statements, which in todays world of ID theft I am not about to let happen. There is absolutely no reason why she should have unedited copies of my financial records to leave lying around who knows where! When I said no and asked for my statements back she pulled them away from me!!! I had already made a copy and had blanked out parts that were no one elses business, gave this to her and let her compare it to the original to verify it was correct. She said she would not take it, shoved it back at me and said to call the legal dept. She also said she would credit back to my account a $25.00 amount that she read off my bank statement that was from a gas station charge! She couldn't even read the right line on the statement. I also received a letter from GE MONEY BANK (2/12/07) asking me if the disputed charges were made by me and if my card was lost, stolen, not received, left in store, in my possession, never applied. None of this addresses my situation! I called the 1 800 number again on 3-8-07 and spoke with Dave and tried to explain this to him. He said to fill out the form and it would be taken care of. I do not appreciate this incompetence as all of these late fee charges show up on my TRW reports. I want this matter cleared up and my TRW report expunged of these late fee reports. I also want a letter to keep in my records stating that these charges should never have been applied in case I need to go back and clear them off in the future. I have found that whatever "savings" I was to receive by opening up a Mervyns charge account has been eaten up and then some in my time that I have had to expend dealing with this fiasco! I expect a response to this!
After this letter on 4-16-07 I talked with "Samantha" at Mervyn's credit services. She said they had recieved my letter in March about this yet it had still not been resolved. She asked me to wait another 10-15 days for a letter in the mail about the dispute. This led to several more phone calls trying to get this resolved.
After receiving more bills with ever increasing due amounts, I mailed the following letter.
To Mervyns & GE Money Bank,
Re. Acct. # ending in 6123

I have explained this six times before, making this the seventh time!!! I am not disputing whether or not I made these charges. My dispute is with the fact that they were deducted out of my debit card at the time of the transaction on 11/19/06. I tried to give a copy of my bank statement showing this to Sophia Saldana who claimed to be the store manager at the store in Irvine (on Barranca). She refused it and told me to call the legal dept. I have been given the runaround ever since. I AM NOT GOING TO PAY THIS BILL SINCE IT HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID!!! I have the proof that it has been paid and Mervyns can go back into their financial records to verify this.
I feel that I have gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations to explain this to you and to provide proof of previous payment. If you continue this pursuit of double billing me, I will be forced to pursue legal actions both Mervyns and GE Money bank as applicable.
This account was also given over to C.T.I. Collection Services which contacted me by mail on 11/28/07. I sent a copy of all the proof I have that I have indeed paid this bill and have not heard back from then since.
It went back to G.E. Money Bank who forwarded it over to N.C.O. Financial Systems Inc. On 2/22/08 according to N.C.O. After explaining the whole situation to them they (operator named Aiko) said they would report it as disputed.
Not once through out these years has Mervyn's ever admitted they were wrong or apologized for this fiasco. I'm pretty sure it still shows up on my credit report as a failure to pay. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! There needs to be a class action against Mervyn's as I have heard from other friends of similar problems.
I have also put in a report to the Federal Trade Commission.

December 27

Re: ftc ref. No. Xxxxxx82

Dear xxxxxxx:

Thank you for recent correspondence. The Federal Trade Commission acts in the public interest to stop business practices that violate the laws it enforces. Letters from consumers and businesses are very important to the work of the Commission. They are often the first indication of a problem in the marketplace and may provide the initial evidence to begin an investigation. The Commission does not resolve individual complaints. The Commission can, however, act when it sees a pattern of possible violations developing.

The information you have provided will be recorded in our complaint retention system. This computerized system enables us to identify questionable business practices that are generating numerous complaints and may be in violation of the law.

Thank you for providing information that may be used to develop or support Commission enforcement initiatives.

Sincerely yours,

Consumer Response Center

Everyone who has been RIPPEDOFF by Mervyn's needs to do the same!

Offender: Mervyn's, Sophia Saldana, GE Money Bank, C.T.I., N.C.O. Financial Systems Inc

Country: USA   State: California   City: IRVINE
Address: 3960 BARRANCA PKWY
Phone: 9495518868

Category: Education & Science


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