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Complaint / Review
Corky McMillin Homes
Lied, Shoddy, false accusers, lack of experience, cheap, zero quality

Corky McMillin Homes VS Quality

We bought a home from Corky McMillin Homes and have had nothing but problems since. But thats just a small part, their dishonesty, they lied to the home owners about the Association McMillin started, and did not keep with their own rules but instead cheated valuable homeowners out of equity and blamed me for being too High Classed. This came from Georgina Valencia and Denise Hunt, both who work for McMillin. How I met Georgina Valencia was by McMillins Main office in San Diego when I had filed a complaint about my home as well as they started to build completely different homes of much lesser value and size in the neighborhood then they designed to be.

Both Denise Hunt and Georgina Valencia told me that the owners of these different types of homes were of the same class, and for me to think of them as good people who deserve to live here too. I was shocked and taken back by their way to try and disarm me. Its not the people that I am complaining about, its the promise they made to keep the neighborhood of a certain design and by making changes, they have lessen the value of our homes by at least $50k for the sake of their own pockets. Now these are people who enjoy stabbing those who gave them the comfort of life that they so now enjoy.

Georgina Valencia, Denise Hunt and Claudia Hildebrand blatantly lied when I first discovered it months before of the changes they were making during construction. Claiming that nothing has changed, but that they were rearranging the not yet built homes on the empty lots. It was all a lie and they informed the new neighbors that I thought little of them, I was a constant complainer and that I was filing a law suit against McMillin. None of what they said is true, they are liars to make a sale and to keep me from showing them the construction problems McMillin is not able to solve. Why, because they are using a man who is a cabinet maker, and to listen to him to try and explain to me why my problems are acceptable is just a laugh in its self.

Dennis Taylor, Senior Vice President of the Valley Region is a real treat. I complained to the Calif State License Board about walls in my home being more then 1.5 out of plumb, water flows to the back of my garage and not out the door as well as the slab is floating. Doors that wont stay closed or are warped, stucco with 1 deep valleys on my exterior walls, broken roof tiles and the list just goes on. One of my biggest complaints is that the game room reaches 109 degrees in the summer, even with the AC on! Windows that fall apart when you open them and some you can barely even open. Electrical that didnt work, floors that squeak, door opening of different sizes, mismatched and cracked tiles, large holes in the back of cabinets exposing electrical wiring and so forth. None of which McMillin felt was a problem.

Dennis Taylor told me that McMillin standards is that they allow anything under a in 4 feet out of plumb, and this is acceptable to McMillins practices. That means that my 9 foot wall being 1.5 out of plumb is where it is suppose to be. You know, the sad thing is I believe Dennis! I believe that he really thinks that this is an acceptable practice, which is why everyone should steer clear of all of the McMillin Home Projects. And this is just the start of my problems with their lies and shoddy work they perform and sell for outrageous prices.

I have been Ripped Off and lied about by these careless, slipshod and inconsiderate as well as extremely inaccurate knuckleheads.

Oh yeah, one more thing. They promised us a pool if we bought the home. When it came time to get our pool, they said we opted out by having a 30 day escrow. This was never told to us about this when buying the home. They said that they needed a 45 day escrow in order to have the permit and pool built before we move in. We even got the paperwork in the mail to file for permit, yet McMillin canceled us.

I have photos, lots of photos to show you why You should never consider buying a McMillin Home.

Offender: Corky McMillin Homes

Country: USA   State: California   City: Visalia
Address: 5607 Avenida de las Robles
Phone: 5597321000

Category: Construction & Repair


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