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McMillin Constuction-FloydMcMillin
Floyd McMillin Theif, Irratic anger, devious, crook, SLUMLORD, spoiled little wimp

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EXPOSING THIS INEPT CONTRACTOR& I have been the victim of FLOYD McMILLIN who purports to know how to build homes, repair damages, and remediate disrepair in the dwellings he rents out or sells.initially I was disgusted by his brazen cocky attitude by which he displayed when a problem surfaced. Rather than repair, he would laugh and or retaliate with allowing the damage to continue or often threats were made.in the true nature of a sociopath, he would turn the problem around to make it the home dwellers fault -i. E. They were a whiner, or must have had a poor childhood to be so bitter, —REALLY! Does a poor childhood cause pipes to break and let water run in without repairing them so the damage is twofold and continues on for monthes with no response. Does a person constitute a whiner because the electrical system in the dwelling is shortcircuting and there is no working furnace because the one installed was meant for a home half its size, or lets say there damages such as fire damage that has been concealed and the odor and air quality are creating a problem that results in asthma—yet one year later, its still not repaired. Or sloppy window work and structural issues lacking floor joices, substandard plumbing—dry wall put ontop of plumbing lines that havent had sealer silicone used to connect them—they forgot it. Tiles in shower crack and fall off after one year—questionable code practices when the air condition unit is wired incorrectly, starts a fire due to overloading the breaker box and come to find out it was a unit that was meant for an office building that was not completed and items were sold —the unit was large enought to cool the mall but put on a house and overloaded the wiring and blew up causeing 2 pets to get killed whos kennel was right outside. Or the house down the road which was built on an underground stream and water would percolate down to the aquifer and keep water flowing though the basement. It was a dry year the house was built but not so afterwards. The house has to be demolished as well as the niebors pool and home. Their deck fell down after 2 years and they found it was built with no support. No permit was obtained and he had a sub contracted college kid come build it as he was finishing up the main part of the house. Another nieghbors downspouts were never put on causing roof dange and water leakage. Or the Square channel that was installed to displace the weight load and a welded I beam added that fell down and hit an 80 year old grama that lived in the basement. SUBSTANDARD SHODDY WORK

Or how about a roof that leaks because there was no tar paper put under the shingles and is reported &no response for two monthes so the dweller has to pay themselves to repair it. I'm thinking Floyd has an overinflated sense of himself in that he's always "too Busy"or to good to " to repair things that cause the dweller to incur damage to personal property and a financial loss. I'm thinking Floyd has the issues from childhood in that he has a clear narsissitic sense of entitlement and no conscience or sense of remorse. These sociopathic tendencies are important for the community and future consumers to be aware of in terms of business transactions with Floyd.

In essence, the public will get screwed. The homes he builds in his development Wildcat Woods in Manhattan Ks are repleat with problems and hidden disrepair—or shoddy workmanship. But then he has his wife a realtor, sell them, and thereby conceal their problems, whereas another realtor would never allow such a scam to occur. The parents on his kids softball league cringe when Floyd is participating in the event as his nasty sarcastic inflated sense of self ruins the entire event as he screams at the children and makes reference to their weight or their "lack of intelligence". He makes it appear that he is compassionate to disabled adults and children by virtue of his participation in a community event.in actuality, he does such events to promote his buisness.in reality, he throws people out of their homes—people with physical disabilities with impecable payment history and model tenets in terms of care of property. Why??? Because he thinks its funny to throw them out on the street with nowhere to go in the winter as he states" let them eat cake" and go stay at the rescue mission as a punishment for daring to ask for a repair to be made to install American with Disabilities Act accomadations.-such as a ramp. He could easily make a ramp but thought it was funny to watch a disabled man struggle. He joked about it to his workers.

Workers whom he jokes are his slaves and he is their master. He states he wishes we still lived in the days of slavery as blacks aren't smart enough to own his homes. Floyd owns a car wash directly behind his office on 45th and California. Several years ago a man and his family pulled in to wash their car in their new van. The man, a father with his children and wife in the car were brutily murdered in a nice quiet part of the community. Some transients murdered them for cash. While the police taped off the area as a crime scene to protect the body, acces the video cameras, and keep the scene from contamination, Flyd McMillin showed up to object to his car was being shut down and he would lose money. He was nearly arrested for his distainful, insensitivity and for disobeying the law enforcment officers directive that he leave. The owners of the Caseys market said he came in their store and was yelling because he was losing money and said F the fool that got shot I need those pigs and their crime scene gone.

What kind of person does this kind of thing. Many of us who have been taken advantage of by Floyd McMillin have grouped together our grievences and it didnt take long to meet (via word of mouth in the home development) up with common victims of Floyd McMillin. His own workers state that he is a tyrant and they are scared of him. On one occasion, Floyd was tired of their family pet, a young dog. So on the way to work he called an employee/laborer and told him to meet him, take the dog, and dump it on a country road. Then he was going to tell people the dog got away from him on the way to the vet. Needless to say, the employee did not throw the dog out on the country road. He took it to the pound in Manhattan —they traced it back to Floyd as it had a chip. He told the pound staff he had sold the dog to another person so to never call him again. The staff knew the guy who brought the dog in and called him - got the other side (the truth) of the story. Floyd lied his way out and actually hung up on the staff when they confronted him. They found a new loving home for the dog.

Floyd brags to his laborers that when he was younger he and his friend would go looking for homeless alcholholic hobos along the river in the summer. They would hide in the woods and shoot at them with pellet guns. To this day Floyd will stop when he sees a homeless person and wave a 100 dolar bill in their face—he will say if you do the chicken dance I will give you this. Well, most all of them do the dance as they are homeless and hungry. Once they do the dance, Floyd tears up th 100 dollar bills and laughs and drives off.

This is a sick guy. This is a guy who does sporting clay shooting as a hobby, yet right in front of all his competetors or fellow shooters he will name the object in the air he is shooting after a competetor contractor such as Dennis Mills, or after his wife if hes mad at her, or after Barb Kolde pottawattomie county commisioner, or Tom Doperalski. (This is all from my notes from his own aquiantances). Shooting at clay pidgeons and naming it after county commisioners that dont get sewers built in your area on time so you cant make millions fast enough—does that warrent threats or degradation? When asked if he is any relation to James McMillin the former mayor of Topeka, he states " do I look like a? And continues on to say he would never let his kids date a or ever want to live near them—so he lives out north of town to aviod them infiltrating his domain as he calls it.

It is my estimation that its about time Floyd McMillin be put on front street. He is a pathetic man with a chip on his shoulder and some inherent weaknesses in character. Once being screwed by him on the home I purchased and then speaking to all the other homeowners and tenets of his, not to mention folks from his community / social circle, I have found that what goes around comes around and little Floyd the punk that he is will have to be on the other side of things to see if he can endure that which he has thrust on to other innocent people. He and his side kick heavy set secretary who lies when customers call his office. Thank you rip off report for giving us a venue to expose this criminal. I hope that his lack of integrety is not passed on to his offspring.in the meantime, I will try to get out from under this joke of a house that Floyd built that has doors falling off, ceilings cracking after just being built a couple years back. The pipes arent fitted correct and the furnace size is to small for the size of the dwelling. The sheet rock was put up and over faulty wiring and an inapproprite form of insulation was used so the bathroom bedroom over the garage stayes icecold and pipes froze— I watch HOMES BY HOLMES on the HGTV network and have written them to come fix this mess of a house and gut it to fix it and then telivise the project to make others aware of the Floyd McMillin scam

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Offender: McMillin Constuction-FloydMcMillin

Country: USA   State: Kansas   City: Topeka/Manhattan
Address: 1545 NW 46th
Phone: 7852668199

Category: Construction & Repair


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