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Complaint / Review
Roman Roads Inc
Robert J Sevi, Tracy Barchers, Roberto Sevi, Roman Empire Builders, Pavers, Failed to pay us for installation work, flags our ads on Craigslist constantly, menace to society

It's amazing that a company can get away with it for so long, but Robert J Sevi (AKA Roberto) and company has been deliberately failing to pay subcontractors in whatever way they can with full knowledge and intent before calling them for work. However it does look like the courts have finally caught up with him, according to the website he is getting sued on a corporate level as of 2012, which will be grounds to dismiss his contractor's license if that suit is successful. Here's a copy and paste of all the cases against this company name (he has two other companies).

Case # litigant
2005sc004056 roman roads inc d
2007sc002917 roman roads inc d
2008ca003382 roman roads inc d
2009ca002924 roman roads inc d
2009ca008812 roman roads inc d
2010ca003933 roman roads inc d
2010cc001838 roman roads inc d
2012ca000809 roman roads inc d

These are just the ones filed under his paving company's name, he has several with his own name, and his other company's name listed. To any and all concerned if you receive a phone call from him for labor work and you have come here to check out his company first before working for him, you should contact the Seminole County Sheriff's office first or at the very least, the State Attorney's office, who is well aware of his activities to date. It is our assertion that anyone doing business with him demand full payment up front for any labor, normally you can request up to 50% by law, but anytime a company is involved in this much litigation, there's no reason the state or Florida's DBPR would deny you're right to full payment in advance.

The owner of this company has a bit of a personality issue as well, when you begin a job for him he isn't very courteous and treats subcontractors as if they're all grunt laborers, even if you're a fully seasoned installer yourself with your own company. We were about to start an installation for him when, after preparing the job, we took lunch and I did some checking online, (after meeting him and realizing there was something wrong with his behavior), we both concluded that it would be a good idea to ask for a deposit and full payment on the work already performed. I was immediately told my services would not be needed. The bill has yet to be paid, it has been just over 30 days this morning so I will file suit this morning at the clerk's office in Sanford.

Also, his other company is called "Roman Empire Builders" and he has several different variations of his full legal name, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office his name on his driver's license is ROBERTO G SEVI, however numerous old documents and case files reveal different names depending on which item you reference. ROBERT J SEVI is the name his house is registered with on the property appraiser's website, as well as the name he had for two of his arrests. Three of his more recent arrests for aggravated stalking and harassing communications were under the name ROBERTO J SEVI.

When you're dealing with a personage that has multiple company names, multiple aliases, and multiple lawsuits & arrests, it's inherently pragmatic that one save face and just PASS...

To all subcontractors, laborers, hard workers, paver installers and flooring installers, AVOID THIS company at all costs, spare yourself the aggravation, trust me, you will be much happier just staying home on this one...

Offender: Roman Roads Inc

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Sanford
Address: 715 1st Street

Category: Construction & Repair


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