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W3care Technologies

I hired these people to make some coding adjustments to a website. They never delivered on one of the main changes I asked for and which they assured me they could do. I spoke with one representative by phone and could hardly understand him, due to a very heavy Indian accent. Written communications on their project site were ...

Connect America
Rip off

My elderly mother ordered this system. They withdrew over $90.00 from her checking account even though she didn't activate the system and returned it UNUSED. They then charged a $50 restocking fee, plus shipping (even though SHE PAID the shipping). I've read and re-read through their "terms and conditions". NO WHERE does it ...

Sentry Security
Sentry Security

Careful this company is really bad with answering calls and if you purchase equipment from them under contract it will be old and defective. We have tried for 6 months to get them to fix or replace the equipment but they just kept putting us off and we cancelled the agreement but 3 years later they start billing us again. Fraud ...