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Andrew maron

Http:// Maron an Oral Surgeon in NJ just recently last year had his Dental License REVOKED. He and sister Valerie Schwabb played a DEADLY GAME WITH NJ DENTAL BOARD pretending to patients to be DR Marc Weber Manalapan DENTIST & his WIFE. They allegedly traced WEBERs' Signature to back date Medicaid & ...

Marc Weber, DDS-Perfect Smile Dental
WhMarc Weber-Perfect Smile Dental, DDS-Perfect Smile Dental Encouraged me to get two inplants and two crowns. Care Credit was their plan to finance the cost. The inplant procedure was done on the first visit. Never got the crowns

In March, 2008, I visited the Perfect Smile Dental for services. Dr. Weber cut through my upper bridge and removed two infected teeth. Two inplants and two crowns were discussed with me. They were very costly. Care Credit plan was recommended to finance the cost. Dr. Duggal, perodonitist, did the procedure for the inplants. She ...