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No Service

I have been out of service including calls text and data for over 2 the first week I called customer service multiple times getting stories like they were doing updates in my area and it would be working in 2-3 days. 2-3 days later of course it was never fixed and when I called back they ...

Virgin Mobile USA
Consumer Report

I got a virgin mobile prepaid phone around january 2011. I canceled this phone back in august or september of 2011 and switched to verizon. I do not get bank statements off of my debit card due to it being a work paid card. The money goes on the card, and that is it. Well, I find out a year later, ...

Virgin Mobile USA
Virgin Mobile Mail fraud, varies other US fraudulent activities, bad business practices, corp policy to make it impossible to resolve a problem and intended to break down the customer until they run out of time and

I am exhausted. I've been only at that all night today and more than 100 hours since November 2011. You'd not think my tale easily told you since no body might take some time and misuse that I've. I'm a buess lady of 25 years, who was previously well-respected in my own neighborhood till VM joined ...