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Lakshmidevi pharmacy - ripoff

Ordered $109.50 worth of lint tape from The website pictured the 60 Layer Evercare Lint Pic Up Roller. The company shipped out a lint roller that had a measely 10 layers of lint tape. There is a big difference between a 60 layer lint tape and a 10 layer lint tape. Pavankumar Darisi, President of ...

A1 -Wireless, Cellular Buys
A1 -Wireless, Cellular Buys Offer rebates they have nor intention of delivering Ripoff Long Island City New York

This company lures in customers with low cell phone prices based on several mail-in rebates. These rebate offers are worhless since the company DOES NOT HONOR any of the rebates they offer. It has been more than a year since I purchased 2 cell phones from them. Their prices were very low, considering the $150 mail-in rebate ...