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Verizon Wireless
Soooo deceptive in tricking you into signing a 2-year contract. Do not sign your credit card slip until you read it. They tack the two-year contract on there, but do not disclose it

I've been a Verizon customer for many years, but have finally had it. When you purchase from them, how is it legal for them to slide your credit card purchase slip over for your signature, without disclosing that you just re-upped for two years!!!??? I purchased a cell phone for my step-son. Told ...

Emily Lewis, Emily Marie Bateman
Emily Marie Lewis, Emily M. Bateman Lewis, Emily M. Lewis Liar, Criminal, Drug Addict, Bad Mother who neglects her three children

Emily Marie (Bateman) Lewis is just a compulsive liar, she'll state and do something to obtain what she wishes. She's submitted numerous bogus accusations against all three of her kids dads, and numerous ex-boyfriends. She's taken cash and prescription medications from people, she employs her kids ...