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Ham and chedder Junio

Update on GM and Bypolar Super Supervisor, Well I guess Its about time to let you know who I am my name is ham and chedder Junior. So I might as well join the host of characters that works at this arby's. Now let me tell you as you know NJ had a storm named Sandy it hit south jersey on Monday. On Monday, all stores were closed in the south region. Tuesday the stores opened up again. GM and bypolar super supervisor was at it again. Bypolar supervisor knew she had to work on tues. But she went 3 towns away and didnt have a ride to work and she called GM and mind you he was working it was his shift bypolar called and she didnt have a ride to work, GM said he'll go get her. And they have a sell going on two french dips for $ 5.00 dollars. When GM left to get bypolar super supervisor the store was real busy, they really needed GM's Help to keep up with all the customers. He took it upon him self to leave the store for a whole hour to pick up bypolar super supervisor and it took a half hour to get her and a half hour to come back and he left the store with a rush on. Bypolar super supervisor brags all the time about everything that her and GM does and talks about she tells it but she doesn't tell it like it is. She Said that Gm picked her up 3 towns away and drove her back to her house and now get this she said that he sat outside her house while she went in and changed into her work clothes now remeber I said my name was ham and chedder now if you believe that my parents named me ham and chedder than you believe that GM drove 30 minutes to pick up bypolar super supervisor and sat outside her house while she changed her clothes and left everybody at the store trying to keep up with the flow of customers. If you read the rest of the stories you make the decision weither is happened like she said, its your call, all comments are welcomed. Mind you that there is a senior citizen that works at the store and she takes the bus but the buses weren't running because of the storm sandy. GM knew she didn't have a ride home by car it's 20 minutes to her house and by bus it's 45 minutes because it stops and go's but he left the senior citizenship and went home but he will go out and get bypolar super supervisor. That's it for now, will keep you updated have a turkey roaster.

Offender: Arby's

Country: USA

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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