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Roman Creations
His work is shoddy and rude

Description of Complaint: He said the project would take 3 weeks and it took 3 months - he put a professional job ahead of our work, and even admitted that person was not happy with his work and giving him a hard time about the job he was doing. He would not show up for a full week and then say it was because it rained, when it was actually sunny the whole week.
He would tell my husband I said something was ok and when my husband called him on it he said well I guess she didn't say that.
His work is shoddy, he took a wall down and you can see dips in the ceiling where the wall was, he promised a pro paint job and fired his painter then had his brother paint who did not do a pro job, his electrical work is dangerious, you can see out side through one outlet and the doors he installed, he uses used items, he said he would match the post on the porches and he did not, he said he would make this wheel chair accessible, he did not, the wireing is dangerious, his hardscape was incomplete and already growing weeds in it, his sidewal is cracking and has a dangerous drop, he destroyed a concrete pad and was suppose to finish removing it, he did not remove it, he did not put flashing on the roof, the gutters leak, he did not install the stone to manufactures specs, same with window & pella doors, he ripped the weather strip off the Pella French door and thus voided the warranty on it, he left paint on floor, sills, and other areas, he cut up a 300.00 out door light because he decided it would not fit and now tht bulbs cant be changed, he used styrofoam for the ledge where the stone meets the siding, and we had the company he bought it from (Canada send their approved ledging which is hard coated and sloped so rain can run off and it can't be damaged, what he put up already it getting holes, the windows are not cawlked correctly and have gaps, the gutters leak and they drain up hill which means water pools so in the winter when it freezes we will have huge problems, there are many other issues that are just too numerous to list.
The last day on the job he yelled at me. He had promised to put all the furniture back on the side of the house he did flooring in, knowing I am disabled and not able to do this. But he yelled and said "no I am not putting your furniture back - it is not in the contract" No it wasn't but he promised to do it. He promised to make everything wheel chair accessable and did not do that eitehr. He seemed so proud of his work and he promised things and then just was a complete lie. He has no pride in his work and it shows by the sloppy way he did things. And to yell at the person who is paying you is just not my opinion I found him to be abusive and a liar. Dvid is the owner.
I will be putting up a site with pictures of all the defects - it is shocking. Worse he kept quoting Holmes on Homes saying he was going to do it right... Well he did it worng.
He asked for a punch list and said he would make things right but he will not return email or phone calls.
I recommend staying far away from this company.

Offender: Roman Creations

Country: USA

Category: Business & Finance


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