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Complaint / Review
J.W. A Watts Financial Consultants - Coral Financial Group
Paid 1,600 to secure a 10,000 loan. Ripped me off

I found J.W. A Watts Financial Consultants in the Jewish Post on March 28. Their add stated that they can help people with no credit or bad credit. I decided that I would contact them to find out more about the company and what they do.

The first person I spoke with was Sonia. She took basic information such as my name, contact info, employment and salary. She then stated that a Financial Consultant will contact me within 48hours.

Mr. Bill Murray was the Financial Consultant that contacted me. Being a Jamaican, I noticed that he was calling from Jamaica. The number he called from is (876) 291-7694.

He explained what the company does and how they help people like me. It was so convincing. I figured that since he is located in Jamaica I can always verify the address and I did. However it was not a building my friend could enter easily, you have to have an appointment.

Mr. Murray expressed that I will have to fax some information such as my Driver's License, SSN, W2 and a utility bill to a Mr. Green (my lender). He said upon receipt they will inform me of the next step.

The next day Mr. Murray informed me that all my information was reviewed and preapproved, however my credit report was pulled by the insurance company they work with and they request that I make a security deposit of $870 due to the fact that I'm a High Risk customer.

I pondered on it for a while and then agreed to do what he said. He told me that I should send the money via Western Union to Mr. Dwight Brown who will be the courrier for my transaction.

I asked why not to Coral Financial Group, he said that they are not the one that disperses the money, it's actually the insurance company, Coral Financial only does the applications.

I sent it anyways out of desperation. When he got it, he told me that a Mr. David Crosby from Customer Care will be contacting me as to how I will go about making my monthly payments.

To my dismay, when Mr. Crosby called, he informed me that the insurance company didn't sign off on the loan because they needed an additional $1200 to secure the loan.

I told him there is no way I'm gonna send more money. He said he agreed and will try and find another partnered insurance company that will accept the $870 deposit.

It went on for weeks. Every week was the same news, they want more money, they want more money. Finally last week May 1, he told me that there is one insurance company that will take only an additional $800 from me.

Being completely frustrated I told him I wanted a refund. He said the refund is going to take 30 days to be sent back to me because of the paperwork involved. This made me hit the roof. He then said if I send the additonal $800 I can have my loan direct deposited in my account the next day.

He really convinced me that the money would be there the next day. Again out of desperation, I sent an additional $800 on May 2. This time the courrier was Richard West. I asked him why a different guy, he said for security purposes, they can't use the same person all the time to pick up the money.

On May 3 of course there was no money. So that Monday I flipped out on Mr. Crosby, I was so mad! He told me that there has been a hold placed on my transaction. That made me even more furious. I told him I didn't want to know, I just want my money back right now!

Now I'm out of $1600 and I wish that I never fell for this scam. I'm still working on getting my money back from these people. I can't understand how people can be so heartless. I work so hard for my money and for someone else to just take it makes me realise why some people turn to crime!

Mr. Crosby's numbers are (876) 560-5397 or (876) 4279976. I hope no one else gets scammed like I did.


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