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Greedy, Ruthless Snakes! Back stabbing cut-throats!

What Samatha said in her report is absolutely true! I was an employee at Vanguard for 12 years. The first yr I was there, I was in my 20's, I got a 7% raise, was trained on everything there was to be trained on, was cross-trained in other departments and was on several projects.

Projects are meetings where you are allowed to become a part of making changes to the company and giving your thoughts and opinions on how to make things work better.

Well, needless to say, years after that, my raise has been anywhere from 2% to nothing. Now, the college kids coming in, they get all the glory, all the chances, they get everything! The people just coming into the company start out at $30,000.00 while after 12 years of being with Vanguard, I was still making $25,000.00. Now, tell me, is that fair??? Vanguard also likes to promote people outside the company, instead of choosing the excellent staff they already have.

To be a supervisor or manager, they train you to be cut throat! They are snakes and I know this from a fact! Also, when you get along very well with
the people on your team, they will separate you. They want you to keep quiet and work, they DO NOT want anyone talking or spending a minute out of your seat.

If you are seen out of your seat, you get a dirty look and you'll hear about it during what they call a one on one. A one on one is a meeting with you and your supervisor. They have a chart and a graph on how you did during the month. Those graphs are called a dashboard. They are color-coded and basically tell you what you are NOT doing according to their high standards.

During the one meeting, my manager, which is my supervisor's boss, told me that they purposely make the numbers high, so they don't have to give a raise.

The employees that do meet the 100% quality number and the 100% productivity level, are just a few and they never take a lunch, never go to the restroom and stay 12 hrs a day. Vanguard is more a prison camp than a nice place to work.

After not getting a raise, then they also can take away the money you are already making, at any time, they can knock you down a level which could mean thousands of dollars lost for the year.

The benefits ae no good either. When I started at Vanguard, they had Blue Cross/Blue Shield, no co-pay, it was the best insurance in the whole world.
Now, they have Aetna, 25 co-pay and hardly anything is covered.

I wanted to car-pool and they jerked me around for a month, the manager didn't have the balls to just come out and say no, he had to make a fool out of me. Half the time, he wouldn't even say hello to me. What kind of way is that to treat your employees??? I worked my ass off there.

I was on depression medicine, I had high blood pressure, I even had a mini stroke from all the stress they put you under.

Because of the health problems I was having, I went out on short term disability, when I was able to come back to work, Human Resources had to check with the manager to make sure my position was still available.

Well, yeah, it's available, you are hiring temps to do my job, but they said they eliminated my job. Still to this day, my position is available and my desk is still vacant.

I am 40 years old, making about $10,000.00 on their partnership. Now, instead of paying me that money, they can hire a poor college sucker and only give them 25 shares, if they come into the company a certain time of the year, if not, they can pay them next yr.

The 25 shares, if the share price of the stock is $70.00, for example, is only $1750.00.25% of that is paid in January and the rest in June. Geez, that is a good saving!!! $1750.00 verses $10,000.00.

I personally know of a case where the manager in another department of Vanguard told the supervisor of this elderly man, who was in his 70's, "Get rid of him, no matter what it takes!!!"

That same manager was always sending my supervisor notes about me, trying to get me fired. I worked so hard for that company, I had open sores in my throat from answering 80 calls a day. And he had the nerve to try to get me in trouble. I had many, many letters of the shareholders that I helped, I went above and beyond what I was supposed to do.

But, that's not good enough there - they want blood!!! And if your blood isn't the right type, that's your fault too!!!

When I met my 10 year milestone, not a word was said, no congratulations, nothing!!! The only reason I got my 10-yr gift was thru Human Resources, if it was up to my department, no way would I have gotten it!

I could go on and on. One good thing about Vanguard is the founder, Mr. John Bogel. He is the sweetest man in the whole world. If he was still the CEO, things would be the way they used to be. He is so down to earth and he has respect for the crew members. He cares more about the people that the bottom number. Sure, that's important but if you keep screwing the employees, eventually you're gonna ran out of bodies, then where is your precious Vanguard going to be???

Do yourself a favor and don't ever apply to work there!!! If you want mental torture, I suggest you bang your head with a hammer first.

Offender: Vanguard

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Malvern
Address: 100 Vanguard Blvd
Phone: 6106691000

Category: Business & Finance


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