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Complaint / Review
Excessive fees, billing problems, unethical behavior

UNIVERSAL PREMIUM FLEET CARD / FLEETCOR FUEL MASTER CARD - IS A SCAM!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! HEDLEY WILSON (salesman) who contacted me about setting up account --- you should be ashamed of yourself and this scam of a company you work for. No doubt there will be a class-action lawsuit against you all at some point!!! I will certainly be a participant!

This is a warning to anyone considering using this company and their services, don't do it! I know that the possibility of using their card services for fuel purchases and employee / vehicle tracking sounds great, but in reality it is a nightmare. This company is not a fuel charge card, but rather, a FEES charge card. They will eat you ALIVE in fees. My experience has been that it is impossible to pay the bill to them (on time) without getting a $75.00 late fee. After doing some research I have found many, many, many, many people with the exact same complaint(s): late billing, no-billing, bi-weekly billing, overcharging, hidden fees, no customer support, non-working billing / payment portal, check-holding to create late fees!!! This is border-line criminal.

I started using this fuel card in the last weeks of NOVEMBER 2016 it is now JANUARY 21 2017 and I am facing more than $200.00 in late fees + all of their other fees, this is beyond ridiculous. 1st complaint is the payment terms they set up for me which are different than what I was initially told. I was told the terms would be monthly, but actually received bi-weekly due term. Not the end of the world, but frustrating to deal with. They mailed my first invoice to me and I paid it by a company check by mail. I mailed it from Mobile, AL to the payment address In North Carolina and they received it the following week and processed it.

After mailing the first invoice they have no longer mailed any invoices -- all invoices are being sent by email. After some time passed and I didn't receive a 2nd invoice I called to inquire about where the next bill was (as I knew one was probably due and I had accrued charges). I was then informed that they don't "ever" mail invoices all transmittals are through email and their online portal. If I want them to mail the invoices out that will be a $35.00 charge / per mo. I suppose they accidentally mailed out the first one then? Anyway, at this point I had not received any emails about my bill or invoice due as I hadn't set up an online account. I set up an online account and printed off the invoice and mailed in payment, same as before. And…bamm…the payment was gonna be late, due to this trick! I mailed that check 12/01/16 from Mobile, AL to North Carolina, same as before, yet this time It took them all the way to 1/13/17 to process it (give me a break). ($75.00 Late FEE! ) In the meantime I had received another invoice 12/10/16 and immediate paid it, mailed it, same as before and as I sit here writing this they have still not processed the check it is now 1/21/17. (This one will have also have a Late FEE of $75.00) I am also getting charged a late fee on the late fees because I am not paying them on time….give me a break!!! It doesn’t take a month for a check to go from Mobile, AL to North Carolina, that a 3-4 day trip tops!!! I deal with other vendors in North Carolina and their checks made it promptly. Hell, I can mail a check to Michigan and California in 4 days! I believe these people are holding my checks / not processing them in time so they can generate late fees on my account. And, from what I’m reading on the internet this is normal operating practice — they do it to many others.

I have called many, many, many times to try and get some help, with no relief. It generally takes 30 minutes to an hour on hold to get someone (with a horrible attitude! ) No one knows what the hell they are doing and they end up having to transfer me to someone else, which doesn’t work out because either the call is disconnected and I have to start over, or the other person transferred to will not pick up! I did talk successfully talk to one lady (with an attitude) and asked her about what was happening, she had no answer other than for me to pay through the online portal. But, like I told her that won’t work for me because my BILLING PORTAL DOES NOT WORK it shows all zeros everywhere: i.e….no charges, no payments due, etc.. and when I hit make a payment online the page just reloads, it doesn’t work! Billing portal doesn’t work, I can’t pay online!!! So, all I can do is mail a check in, which they won’t receive in time!!! I tried calling again today and after being on hold for 2 1/2 hours I finally gave up.

If anybody files a lawsuit against UPC / FLEETCOR please contact me!!!

Wes Hamilton


Country: USA   State: Georgia   County: Atlanta   City: Norcross

Category: Business & Finance


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