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Complaint / Review
Linda Wanamaker
Dog breeder never showed up with dog after I flew accross country to pick him up

Linda Wanamaker sold me a Havanese dog 11 months old for $2600.00. She agreed before payment to test his patellas at the vets and have his eyes checked by the vet. After she received my money, she was very short and curt when I asked questions and did not want to be bothered. I was flying from Tennessee to Washington State to pick up the dog and the ticket was 800 dollars. I called her to confirm if she had been to the vet to check the patellas as we had agreed upon and she started screaming at me that she did not have time to be bothered with phone calls! I had not called her in 10 days! I was leaving in 36 hours to go pick him up and needed to know if his Patellas passed the test before flying cross country. She never did get them tested, but I wanted him so bad I flew to Washington anyway. We spoke when I arrived and set a time to meet at the airport the next morning before my flight. In the morning I found an email that she was coming later and also telling me in one sentence when his puppy shots were- 8 months ago. I thought surely she has more vet records for an 11 month old dog!!! I called but she did not answer. I left a very business like message asking to please meet me at the agreed on time so I had time to pick up a ticket for the dog and get thru security. She had changed the time allowing me only 35 minutes to do all that and board the plane! I also asked if she had other records for the dog. No answer so I went to the airport and waited for her... and waited and waited. She would not answer the phone and finally I checked my email only to find an email that she did not like being told what to do and she was not bringing the puppy!! I had flown across the country (11 hours of travel each way) she had not told me in the two weeks since I paid her that she had no health records for this 11 month old dog. She did not do the test we agreed upon when I purchased him. She changed the time to meet not allowing me enough time to board my flight and now she decided she was not bringing him at all. She excused her behavior by saying I was rude to her which I was not. I asked very business like questions that any breeder should be able to answer. I got my money back from Paypal, but I'm out nearly $1000 in travel expenses and came home with no dog. Beware of doing business with this place. It would be regrettable!

Offender: Linda Wanamaker

Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Prosser   ZIP: 99350
Address: 30 Merlot Dr #D205
Phone: 5094403469

Category: Animals & Birds

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October 27, 2016 04:54 PM
I refused to sell this woman a dog and she filed this complaint to get even. There is no way that any of this happened. She is a puppy mill breeder and was extremely angry that I would not let her have my dog. I have been breeding and showing Havanese for 21 years and there is now way that I would not have test results or not answer my phone and give her the information she wanted. I told her I would not sell her the dog and THEN and only then would I no longer speak with her as I refused to argue with her. I am so sick and tired of people posting lies to get even.
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