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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

AmeriTrust Financial
Unsolicited credit cures!

With the "promise" of reporting good reports to credit reporting agencies, Ameritrust Financial solicited banking information, deducted money and provided nothing in return. They are stealing peoples money who are, in fact the ones who need it the most. They are getting names from bankruptcy filings. They need to be stopped ...

Unified Services
Poor service!

I work customer service for a company and we are not allowed to give out our last names for our own safety... I got a call from a rep who said that he needed my account info for verification reasons... I am so glad I found this website because now I can go close my acct and open a new one... And verizon is not the only phone ...

Unified Services
Poor service!

I work 3rd shift, so when this company began calling about two weeks ago, I could never wake up in time to answer the CELLPHONE. They would call mostly between 10-12 (noonish). Finally I get a call from some Indian guy around 3:00. Pm. Answer the phone and its the usual sales pitch about some crazy ol'vacation and $1000 ...

WC Value Plus
Fraud & cheating!

So today, i come home tired, angry at all the shit that is been happening in my life. I log in my account and look at my transactions. I am scrolling down murmuring to myself while reading all the shitty expenses i have made that are posted on my account. Then, 14.95 wc value plus hit me in bold letter with a heavy truck and ...

Smart Certify
Fraudulent business practices!

I had a telemarketer sign me up for a web design course I never order and put it on an MBNA charge account. This occurred during a time I was on painkillers recuperating from major surgery. The company refused to refund or allow me to return the course and MBNA would not answer phone calls, letters or emails. Beware! ...