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Scam and cheating

I signed up to be an Independent Consultant in August 2007. However, after a few weeks I decided it was not for me since no one I knew was interested in buying. When I contacted Customer Care to ask about a refund of my sales kit, I was informed that the company does not refund the purchase of the sales kit! However, per the ...

United Resort Marketing
Complaints Borad

The reaon for my complaint today is not actually with the above company. My complaints main purpose is to show readers of this so called made by the people for the people site, that anyone with a computer, 2 fingers, and a grudge against someone can write anything they wish. While I agree that there needs to be a site to ...

Strategic Marketing
Fraud and scam

I contacted strategic marketing for assistance with telemarketing services for our business. I prepaid $998 for the first 30 hours of calling. After two months of receiving my payment, they still have done nothing! I can't speak to anyone on the phone, they will only correspond by email saying they will get our campaign going ...

Eboost Media
Fraud and scam

They pulled the same scam on me as they did all of the other people who have fell victim to them. They guarantee to give you a prime position on Google's natural or organic listings within 7-10 business days but don't deliver. They use terms like customer service and sales department like they are a legitimate business. But ...

Global Test Market

Global test market are very slow at paying out they say allow up to 10 weeks from claiming, even though the issuing bank is local to me then the cheque doesn't arrive and they now tell me wait another 4-6 weeks. Also some surveys never pay out the points or lock up on the final questions! ...

Americas Best Telemarketing Company
Fraud & scam

In December of 2007 David Thomas Andre (I'm not even sure this is his real name) sometimes its David Andre sometimes its David Thomas with Americas Best Telemarketing Company called me and told me that as a special offer if I would buy 5000 names that they would call them and set me up appointments free I just needed to by the ...