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Planet Fitness
Beware of Planet Fitness

Over a year ago I joined Planet Fitness in Danvers, MA. As a 56 year old woman I was not familiar with the ins and outs of gyms. A trainer took me under his wing and talked me into hiring him as a personal trainer for a fee. On my first training session he told me to go warm up on the treadmill at a speed too high for me and he would be over in a few minute. When he got there I was warming up at the level he instructed me to but I was holding on for dear life. He asked me why I was holding on and I replied that I would go flying off at that speed. He insisted that I let go. Again I refused. Then he yelled at me to let go and when I did, I went flying off the machine and burned my legs and seriously hurt my knees. I had to go home. I called to ask the manager to make out an accident report for me and he said that he'd have to get his accident report. He lied on that report. I had to write a rebuttal. It took me 10 months for my knees to feel better and I decided to return when I go an offer in the mail this past October.

Upon returning I was advised that the personal trainer had been let go but the had another very nice one, according to them. I was advised to show up for a consultation with the new trainer and did so the very next day. We met for over a half hour and her first recommendation was for me to show up the next day for an abs class at a specific time and did so. I waited at the designated area for the trainer but she did not approach me about the class. Apparently, nobody else signed up for the class. 10 minutes after the class was supposed to start I had to go around the gym to find her to inquire about the class. I reminded her that she had advised I show up for the class. She was adamant that she had in fact not recommended to me that I take the class and she had absolutely no recollection of even speaking to me the day before.instead of saying o.K. You are here now so let's get going on the class she just stood there insisting that she had not told me to take the class then in mid sentence she just left the conversation. That made me very upset and went to talk to the manager and I was told that she had been working there for almost a year with no problems prior to this so he was going to be on her side. I left very, very upset. When I got home I got a call from him telling me that he was canceling my membership.

I was shocked. I wrote customer service but 2 1/2 months later got no reply. I have read many other reviews and it seems that canceling memberships is the way the handle things over there. I am now a proud member of another gym. Beware of Planet Fitness. Their customer service isn't any better either. They just ignore your comments.

Offender: Planet Fitness

Country: USA

Category: TV & Radio


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