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Eldorado Resorts - Grandview Las Vegas
LIES, LIES and more LIES. Underhanded, Deceitful, Scam artists, Shameless

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We were very excited to be on a 4 weekholiday in USA, and arrived in Las Vegas on the 6th April, bookedinto the Excalibur Hotel on the strip, and were taking our luggage up to ourroom when we were pulled aside by a lady asking us if we would like to go to afree show while at Las Vegas. As we had intended to go to a show we said yes, shesaid a new resort had been built in Las Vegas and all we had to do was inspectthe resort giving an opinion of the resort which would include a breakfast andwould take no more than one and a half hours, two hours at the very most. At no time were we informed that this was atime share / holiday club. We were given over to a male at the counter whoshowed us the variety of shows and asked us which ones we preferred and reiteratedwhat the woman had said. He then asked for a deposit of $20.00 each which wasto be returned to us with the free tickets after viewing the resort. And as we are very nave we didnt connect itto some sort of sales pitch.
On the morning of the 7th April we meetat the rear entrance of the hotel along with numerous other couples who alsohad been booked to go on this same tour. We then all had to fill out a formwith our details. (Alarm bells should have started ringing then). We were thenall taken on a 15 minute drive towards the dessert to this resort called theGrandview Las Vegas and then had to wait for our name to be called, we werethen taken upstairs to a very large area were about 30 other couples were allsitting at individual tables with a salesperson. Our salesman was Kevin, and asked us if we knew this was atime share/holiday meeting (when we told him, No we had not been informed itwas a time share), and if we had heard of RCI. He then said that we were supposedto be informed it was a time share, and we can put in a formal complaint. Kevinthen started telling us about this wonderful opportunity to own a bit of dirtin Las Vegas, a time share/holiday package, and how there so called company isthe fastest growing company in the world. We told him we didnt believe in themand werent interested, and he then started on this story how he felt the samewhen his best mate had booked one of these same meetings when on holidays toLas Vegas. He said he went along with him to stop him, and was so impressed healso bought a time share, and has since bought 4 more, and how wonderful itwas.
He then offered us a deal of 1 week, plus 2 extra weeks for $39,000, whichwe could exchange anywhere in the world. David was dead against it, so Kevins supervisor (Michael) came over and said he will ring his boss and see if he can give us 4weeks extra, plus the 51st week of the year which apparently theydont give out to many people. At some point this Michael took Davids driverslicence for identification purposes, David kept saying no, but they would nottake no for an answer. Michael then asked David for his credit card which wasin his wallet on the table. At that point David grabbed his wallet from thetable and said Youre not having my credit card and I will have my licencenow. Both Michael and Kevin now moved into top gear. We were kept there for 6hours, under duress and constant badgering wasting precious time of ourholidays. They kept up the pressuring until we were bullied into signing andattacking Davids cautious character with comments like you need to loosen up, enjoy life, and stop worrying you could die tomorrow. Michael went on to sayhe had 2 sisters that we very famous Doctors and they tell him the mostdangerous thing to do is worry. That I need to loosen up.
Totally exhaustedand deflated David said to Glenda If you want get it, but its on your headuse your own credit card. We were then taken to the Signing room they said donot ask the lady (Anne) any questions because she hasnt got time to answer, justsign the papers. At no time were we left alone so we could even discuss thistogether, or even with any other potential buyers, even to the point when Davidwent to the toilet men in suits always appeared as well. We felt as if we were harassed and pushed into an agreement we did not want, with no time even to discuss it. Michael also took my credit card (xxxxxs) forthe deposit and I did not get it back till all the papers were signed. (Over anhour). When we finally got back to our hotel and David was so upset that he let2 men pressure him into buying something he didnt want, that he felt so weakfor not standing up to them, and that he was conned. We had endless fights overthe next few weeks of our holidays, and believe our holiday of a lifetime waswrecked because of this deceitful affair.
At 1.30 in the morning of the 9th Irang Kevins mobile crying and left a message and said we wanted to get out of deal, and could he ring me back. Of course we never heard from him. David was soupset with them, and me, I put the bag of information in the bottom of ourluggage, we did not look at it till we got home, because the less spoken aboutit the better. After we returned back in Australia, David Goggle searched Grandview, Eldorado Resorts and Birkley. To our horror but not surprise the litany of lieswere evident from other peoples stories and experiences from other people whohave also been conned. The most distressing aspect is the price we paid, whichwill blow out to somewhere near $40,000.00 when a quick search on the internet suggestsprices ranging on E-Bay for $1,000-$5,000 with many people paying between$5000-$1000 at the presentation (depending on how long you hold out). Wewere constantly told our time share could be sold for a profit or rented out tofriends. This is another lie as the endless comments on the net where peoplehave been trying to sell the same Grandview deal that they were also connedinto. We were also informed that this is something we can bequeath to ourchildren when we die. On our return to Australia, Citibankhas informed us xxxxxxs credit card has been compromised, which we findinteresting because Eldorado Resorts was the only business where her card hadbeen used. Since April the 7th when we were pressured into this socalled great deal David has been depressed, not sleeping and also had pain inhis chest and arm. His health has suffered, and our relationship has suffered. Ourfinances are now under extreme pressure due to the understated cost and upkeepof this sham, due solely to our inability to look at our current financialsituation on the day of our entrapment at the Grandview, through the constantbullying, manipulation and pressing to sign up. We tell everyone we hated Las Vegas andnever want to go back again, and it is all from the experience we had there. Weboth think as well as revoking the contract we should also receive our depositback. We write this letter in deep shame andhumiliation that we were allowed to be scammed in such a way and disappointedthe holiday of a lifetime has soiled by this underhanded and deceitful affair. Remember: nothing isfree in las vegas. Never let anyone have your credit card or licence

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Offender: Eldorado Resorts - Grandview Las Vegas

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Fort Lauderdale
Address: Suite 121/3015 North Ocean Boulevard

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Don Maidment August 10, 2018 6:00 AM
How did you get on with this? I had the same experience - total bullsh*t from their 'closer' Susan Hoffman, I was told I'd be there 1.5 hours and it would be all fun and free drinks etc... 6 hours later they were railing me into signing up for a week every year which I will never use - and impossible to exchange in RCI.... nightmare. I had 3 days to cool off - but had to do it in person - yet I was in LA by the next morning... terrible company
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