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Dvor Holds Hostage Private Consumer Data by Refusing to Delete Account

Complaint / review text:
Over the past few days I have gone back and forth with Steven L., Sales/Customer Service Specialist, in an attempt to get my account deleted from the company database. I no longer wished to receive emails from, and I don't want my private data floating around in some consumer database for them to send my emails at some point in the future encouraging me to "give them a second chance", or worse yet, some hacker to plunder their archives, and steal my information. I could not easily find instruction, or any link to delete my account, so I sent an email to customer service requesting they do so. The following is an accounting of the email exchange that occured:

Steven L.:
"I adjusted your preferences and you will not receive any promotional emails from our website. If you wish to receive updates in the future you can adjust this option yourself by logging into our website and select contact preferences to on. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!" (02/20/12)

"I didn't ask to have my preferences adjusted. I asked that my name and contact information be REMOVED from your database. Not only do I no longer wish to receive emails from, I don't want my information floating around on one of your servers somewhere. Please comply immediately!" (02/20/12)

Steven L.:
"Unfortunately, we do not have that feature implemented on our website. However, we will no longer send you promotional e-mails. Please keep in mind that you are no longer required to log into our website and we do not charge
any fees associated with your account. For full information please go to the following link If you require any further assistance please feel free to ask!" (02/21/12)

"So what you're telling me is, you think I'm so stupid that I believe all the bright minds that came together to design your online presence worked out how to display and advertise products to an online audience, setup accounts for people who wish to purchase those products, and an email system to keep connected with those customers in order to provide
support, insure satisfaction, and encourage future sales, NEVER... Never, never, never EVER even CONSIDERED the possibility of needing to update that database from time to time?
No, no, of course you're not telling me I'm stupid. You don't even know me. But what you ARE telling me is
that you are passing the buck because you don't feel like taking the time to manually remove my information, OR, you are trained to tell people that, because most people just accept it, and then, allowing their contact information to remain in the database, they set themselves up for receiving an email at some point in the future inviting them to "Come back to for another look." Well, I call bullsh*t!

If you can advise as to the clause in your privacy policy, and your membership policy which states that my account cannot be deleted, I would certainly like to read it. It may have slipped my mind, but I don't recall at any point when I initially signed up on the mailing list that I was signing away my individual identity, and right to privacy. But since you are refusing to reply with my request, how about we do this instead; I'm feeling kind of lazy today, myself, so to keep me from having to look it up on my own, why don't you go ahead and inform me as to the name and contact information, to include email and phone number, of the Department Head for Customer Service? I would like to take a few minutes out of my day to tell them that Steven L., Sales/Customer Service Specialist, has been most unhelpful in satisfying a customer concern, and in fact refuses to comply with a simple request to delete a customer account. Then, while you're at it, go ahead and give me the corporate mailing address, so that I can run to the post office tomorrow with a certified letter explaining how I intend to contact the Direct Marketing Association, and the Better Business Bureau, requesting they do a detailed accounting of's trade practices. I'll also include mention of how, just for grins, I'm going to file a consumer complaint with,, and, warning future, prospective online shoppers away, due to their policy of ignoring consumer privacy concerns, and holding hostage a customers private contact information. All because Steven L., Sales/Customer Service Specialist, didn't feel up to the
challenge of deleting an entry in his employer's customer contact database." (02/22/12)

Steven L.:
"We apologize for the inconvenience caused. When you signed up with us you agreed to our terms and conditions. Please review that information at the following link If you have any questions please feel free to ask!" (02/22/12)

Steven L.:
"Please go to the following link for full information on that specific policy per your request. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us." (02/22/12)

Now admittedly, I got a bit snarky right off the bat, but it tends to upset me when I'm informed that my private contact information is going to be held hostage on some database until the end of time! I re-read their privacy policy, and not only does it NOT say that any attempt to close/remove an account will be met with refusal, it plainly states in black and white,

"Dvor maintains a private customer database for its own company use and marketing efforts. If you do not
wish to receive our newsletters or marketing emails, you may request DELETION of your address via the removal instructions available in the newsletter or marketing emails..." (emphasis, mine)

This clearly tells me that Steven L. Was acting contrary to the company policy that he himself referred me to. As of this moment, Steven L., on behalf of (OpticsPlanet, Inc.), has yet to delete my private information from their database, and I, being true to my word, do hereby file this complaint for the world to see! If your privacy is important to you, and you don't wish to become a victim of identity theft, then I suggest you stay clear of Dvor/, Inc.!

Contact information:

Offender: Dvor

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Northbrook
Address: 3150 Commercial Avenue
Phone: 8005045897

Category: Sports


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