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Complaint / Review
Shawn Inman
Puppy FInd seller AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

This report is about six years too late, but now I am more furious than I was day one I encountered this "person" if I can call her that at all.

In June 2006, I decided that I was going to get a puppy. I had decided on a miniature pinscher, and being a nineteen (almost 20) year old, though I had found reputable breeders in my area, they were not expecting litters for a few months and I wanted one NOW. SO my friend and I went online to and found the most adorable little minpin you can even imagine. A little boy, who when we found his picture was about 5 weeks old. The price was right (which should have been a dead giveaway) and he was available so I put down a deposit and was then promised more pictures. Well, each week, I would email Shawn and she would have an excuse as to why she couldn't send one, which varied. She was acting as a middle man between me and "Mr Pastor breeder guy" and would say she couldn't get in touch with him, he didn't send it, etc. Being a naive kid, I didn't really find it that odd, but when I look back on it, I should have known something was up.

So the day finally came, July 7,2006 when our little guy was going to make the flight from Texas to Nova Scotia. She sent the tracking number as promised, and the dog WAS in the kennel when he arrived. Thats about ALL I have to say positive. When the dog arrived, I took him from his kennel and he kind of fell over. I was really worried and rushed him to the emergency vet in my area. They told me that had I not done that, he would have been dead by morning. He had evidence of scabbing from mites, he'd had some other kind of infection as well that they weren't sure what it was, and that from the medication record that had been sent with him that he had been given OVER 6 TIMES the recommended amount of medication for his age/size. Essentially what they said to us was that it would take a couple weeks to get him healthy and that there was a chance that the OVERDOSING of medication he had received would cause him to have a reduced immune system.

When we got our little guy (who we named Diesel) stabilized after being up every 30 minutes all day and night giving him Karo Syrup and light food, my friend called Shawn. She proceeded to get very rude, denying EVERYTHING, and stating that "if we wanted to send him back she would take him back"... But I quickly put two and two together and realized that if we would send him back, he would probably be destroyed and I could not handle that. She was extremely uncooperative and only offered to take him back after we threatened to go to media and scope out where our little one had come from. She wanted US, to pay to return to her the sick, nearly dead dog she had sent us. We ended up deciding there was no way we could send him back, that we would take care of him and of course we fell right in love with him. After all, the vets couldn't possibly be right about the immune system thing, right?

Unfortunately, they were right.

It is now November 2012,6.5 years after receiving my little bundle of joy. He has been on a low dose of prednisone and antihistamine his ENTIRE LIFE because of the allergies the medication he received while in the "CARE" of Shawn Inman and her henchmen. This necessary dose of steroid meant that my little one's body would be even MORE prone to infection and disease, which meant he has been on antibiotics for a SKIN CONDITION (remember the skin mites I mentioned before) off and on his entire life. And now, 6 months shy of his 7th birthday, he is not likely to make it until Christmas. He has the following, in no particular order:

-chronic skin condition
-luxating patellas in both knees
-congestive heart failure

All because of the poor treatment by shawn inman, her henchmen and the puppy mills i am sure she is a broker for!!!

BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN AND ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH HER (Goodman Kennels included)!! I cannot make claims about a sister of any kind, I have no knowledge on this. I can only speak to the fact that my loving, sweet, obedient dog is going to die YEARS before he should have because of puppy mills and brokers LIKE SHAWN (and including her of course) that continue this tragic cycle. I stand to gain NOTHING from posting this story, other than the hope that while someone, somewhere, is doing their research on Shawn Inman, that they come across my story and that they change their minds.

Please do not deal with this woman, or anyone associated with her. Do your research, find a reputable breeder, visit the kennel and the mother of the puppies, and make a responsible decision. I love my little guy very much, but learned my lesson and three years ago bought my second miniature pinscher from the breeder I should have stuck with all along.

And to Shawn, if you see this and want to post a rebuttal, feel free. I don't care, my spirit is freed after writing this in a public forum where you CAN'T delete it and hide from it. A defense rebuttal will only make you look silly, in my opinion, and further reinforce the character flaw you suffer from in the eyes of anyone and everyone who reads this.

Loving Fur Momma to Diesel

Offender: Shawn Inman

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Waskom
Address: 123 any street

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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